Ronnie's volunteering story

Ronnie Lee, Office Assistant at Surrey County Council and volunteer at Kingston Hospital

Can you tell us a bit about the volunteering you do at Kingston Hospital?

"I've been volunteering for just over a year now, helping out in an office at the hospital with different jobs like filing, scanning documents and folding letters. It's a big office and the people are all really friendly."

How often do you volunteer?

"I volunteer every Friday for four hours – I also work as an office assistant at the council three days a week, so the volunteering fits well around that."

What made you want to become a volunteer at the hospital?

"A friend from my sports club told me about some charity Christmas present wrapping that he was helping with at the hospital so I went along to that with him and really enjoyed it. While I was there, the volunteer manager spoke to me about becoming a regular volunteer."

Had you done any other volunteering in the past?

"I'd taken part in a team volunteering day with my colleagues, doing gardening work at the Lockwood Centre in Guildford. It was good to spend time with my team doing something helpful."

What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer?

"The people I volunteer with are really nice. The hospital is a massive, very busy place where the phone is always ringing and it's nice to be part of that. After a day of volunteering I feel great."

Why do you think volunteering is important?

"It gives you experience and teaches you new skills, so could really help with finding a job – and of course it helps other people as well."

To speak to someone about volunteering where you live, get in touch with your local Volunteer Centre.

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