Charities and organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Surrey

We warmly welcome all refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to Surrey. The following charities and organisations provide support and advice to you, whether you are just passing through or you are settling in the county permanently.

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Everyday living needs

Food banks

If you do not have enough money for food, a Food Bank can provide you with an emergency food parcel containing three days' of nutritionally balanced meals. Parcels may also include other essential items such as toiletries. However, to receive a food parcel, you will need to be referred to the Food Bank with a food voucher. Vouchers are available from organisations such as advice charities, such as Citizen's Advice and housing associations. If you don't know how to get a voucher, call your local food bank and they will tell you who to contact:

Help where you live in Surrey

Health and wellbeing


You can request an interpreter (GOV.UK) and it is the responsibility of the the health care provider you are seeing to arrange an interpreter on your behalf. When calling NHS 111 for health advice, you will be given the option to request an interpreter to help with your call.

Written translations of health documents and leaflets can be requested from your doctor or other health care provider.

Families and young people

  • Surrey Home-Starts provides family support services. Families are generally referred to Home Starts by health visitors, doctors, or other agencies but they do accept self-referrals. See their Need support page to find out how they can help and how to contact them.
  • Stripey Stork family support is a Surrey baby bank collecting donations of clothes, toys and essential items for babies and children and rehoming them with families experiencing hardship.
  • Happy Baby Community is a community that supports women who have fled from violence or traffickers and are pregnant or with a young child and are seeking international protection in the UK.
  • Family Information Service is our online directory to help you find registered childcare, family activities, holiday clubs and support groups near you. It also provides advice on all family matters including childcare, education and learning, benefits and other financial help for families.
  • Big Leaf Foundation helps displaced young people aged 15 to 25 to belong and thrive in their new home in the Surrey area. Contact Big Leaf Foundation by online form or email.


helps asylum seekers with the asylum process in the UK, refugee resettlement schemes, the refugee employability programme and much more. They also have an asylum helpline, please visit the Migrant Help contact page for details.

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