Community groups and support in Mole Valley

Community groups carry out a vital role across Surrey, encouraging people to feel part of their local area, and helping support this area to grow and develop. They are about joining up and joining in to make things happen. We have a wide variety of community groups within Surrey. Below is a small selection of community groups and clubs in Mole Valley.

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Arts, culture and heritage

Paint brushes in cups with paint

Dorking local history group

They share the local history of Dorking with local people to ensure the local history lives on. For more information visit Dorking local history group.

The hive Leatherhead

The hive is a creative arts project that enables people to enjoy and explore art, sewing, knitting, drawing and more. For more information visit The hive Leatherhead.

Sports, health and fitness

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Mole Valley ramblers

They are a friendly group that offers guided walks across the heart of Surrey and further afield. They provide a full range of led walks, on every day of the week, ranging in length from 3 to 14 miles. For more information visit Mole Valley ramblers.

Community swimming pools and sports hubs

Community swimming pools and sport hubs are vibrant hubs of fun, fitness, and togetherness. A place for families, friends, and neighbours to relax, exercise, and create lasting memories. Whether it's a dip in the cool water, swimming laps, or lounging by the poolside, they are the heart of community enjoyment. For more information, and to find your local community swimming pools and sport hubs, see the list below:

Community support

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Warm Welcome venues

We have re-opened warm spaces across Surrey, now known as Warm Welcome venues. Warm Welcome venues are open to all residents this winter free of charge – no matter your age or situation. Find out about Warm Welcome venues in your local area.

Mole Valley foodbanks

No one in our community should have to face going hungry. That's why local foodbanks provided nutritionally balanced food and support to local people who are referred to them. For more information and to find your local foodbank see the list below:

Leatherhead youth project

They are a local charity passionate about helping young people. They offer innovative youth services in Leatherhead, Bookham and across Mole Valley. Their aim is to respond to local needs and help young people to be safe, happy and make positive changes in their lives. For more information visit Leatherhead youth project.

Mole Valley employment and skills hub

They provide advice, guidance and coaching to residents who are unemployed, facing redundancy, or struggling to sustain paid employment. They help people of all ages gain new skills by partnering with local employers and trainers. For more information visit Mole Valley employment and skills hub.

Mole Valley stroke club

They offer an opportunity to try new activities, share ideas and meet others experiencing the life-changing effects of a stroke. For more information visit Mole Valley stroke club.

Leisure, park and green spaces

Newlands Corner viewpoint

King George V playing field friends group

This group wants to make the playing field a friendly meeting place for everyone. They involve individuals and the surrounding communities to encourage friendship and recreation. The goal is to create a pleasant and inviting place for events, activities, and play. For more information visit King George V playing field friends group.

Mole Valley allotments

An allotment can give you a new hobby, exercise, and fresh homegrown produce, whether you're experienced or not. It's a great way to save money as well as encourage a healthier lifestyle. For more information visit Mole Valley allotments.

Parks, play areas and green spaces

Mole Valley's parks, green spaces, and natural landscapes are places where people can relax, exercise, play, and enjoy the natural heritage and culture. They also provide habitat for wildlife and contribute to improving local air quality. For details of parks, play areas and open spaces in Mole Valley visit Mole Valley green spaces directory.

Hobbies, interests and clubs

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Rotary in Dorking

Rotary in Dorking is part of the Rotary international, the world's largest voluntary service organisation. Club members are active locally, putting their skills and experience to good use for the benefit of the local community. For more information visit Rotary in Dorking.

Dorking repair café

Repair cafés are free meeting places and they're all about repairing things together. In the place where a repair café is located, you'll find tools and materials to help make any repairs you need. You'll also find expert volunteers with repair skills in all kinds of fields. For more information visit Dorking repair café.

The friends of Dorking

This group is made up of local businesses, retailers, and community members who have joined forces to enhance Dorking. They organise and fundraise for the Dorking Christmas lights and flower displays. They also organise a family Easter egg hunt during the school Easter holidays and a Halloween hunt in October. For more information visit The friends of Dorking.

Libraries, community centres and faith groups

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Surrey County Council Libraries

Our libraries are Where It Happens. Did you know that Surrey Libraries are the social, economic, learning and cultural hubs right at the heart of communities across Surrey. From rhymetime, crafts, coding and chess clubs, helping people to improve their computer skills, supporting new businesses, author talks, hosting reading groups and exhibitions. Your local library has it all. For more information and to find your local library see the list below:

Leatherhead community association

Leatherhead community association is a membership-based community organisation for Mole Valley residents. It offers members and the community an annual programme of talks, concerts, walks, clubs and activities to suit all tastes. For more information visit Leatherhead community association.

Community centres

Discover the heart of your community at community centres across Mole Valley. They offer a diverse range of activities and services for all ages, fostering connections, learning, and well-being. They are vibrant, inclusive spaces where friendships are forged, knowledge is shared, and the community thrives. For more information and to find your local community centre see the list below:

Leatherhead community hub

Faith groups

Discover the wonderful churches and faith groups in Mole Valley. They strive to unite communities through their shared belief in helping your neighbour, community strength and collective action. Explore the power of togetherness and community-driven initiatives through these groups. For more information and to find your local faith group or church see the list below:

Harvest community Church

Please note: Our directory contains a varied range of service providers, many of which are not connected with Surrey County Council. The information has not been verified by Surrey County Council for accuracy. When contacting any service provider, we encourage you to take note of any safeguarding and health and safety requirements involved with the activity and to check if the providers have relevant qualifications for insurance purposes.