Surrey Flood Risk Partnership Board

Who are we?

The Surrey Flood Risk Partnership Board is a group of representatives from a number of organisations and authorities that have responsibilities or interests regarding flood risk in Surrey. The Board and its associated operational Working Group aim to coordinate flood risk management activities across the county, oversee cross-authority work and deliver the Surrey Flood Risk Management Strategy.

Our purpose

The purpose of the Partnership Board is to coordinate a strategic approach to flood risk management within Surrey – a place where partners can co-operate and share plans, resources and information on all types of flood risk, and align priorities and investment.

It is also a place for other more localised functional groups (for example planning, technical, resilience) to provide progress reports, seek direction or request resolution to policy concerns.

Our Objectives

  • Share data, information and resources between partners in order to manage flood risk effectively
  • Raise awareness of the flood risk management responsibilities of organisations and residents
  • Oversee and track the progress of the implementation of the Surrey Flood Risk Management Strategy
  • Help communities prepare, respond and recover from flooding incidents, through raising awareness of flood risk and community resilience
  • Explore partnership funding opportunities
  • Link to other flood risk forums locally and regionally
  • Build a strong knowledge base on flood risk across all local authority staff, councillors and residents


The core membership consists of representatives from the following Risk Management Authorities (RMAs):

  • Surrey County Council
  • Surrey district and borough councils
  • Environment Agency
  • Thames Water
  • Surrey Fire & Rescue

The wider membership includes the Highways Agency, Network Rail, Surrey Police, Southern Water, the Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Transport & Environment, UK Power Networks, the Upper Medway Internal Drainage Board, the National Trust and the Basingstoke Canal Authority.


The Board and Working Group meet quarterly. These meetings are not open to members of the public, and the minutes are not published publicly. This is due to data protection and the sensitive nature of some of the topics we discuss. If you have any questions regarding the Surrey Flood Risk Partnership Board, please contact us at

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