Welcome to Surrey Prepared

The resilience of Surrey communities has been challenged in a variety of ways over recent years. Covid-19 has impacted everyone, but there have also been wildfires such as those at Thursley Common and Chobham, flooding, interruptions to utility supplies and extreme weather.

People and communities that are prepared and come together can minimise disruption to everyday life in an emergency situation as well as having the ability to quickly recover and return, as much as possible, to the way they were before the incident.

Surrey Prepared was developed with a commitment to helping Surrey residents and businesses to be as prepared and resilient as possible.

Who is involved?

Surrey Prepared is part of the Surrey Local Resilience Forum. It includes Surrey County Council, the Environment Agency, the 11 district and borough councils, town and parish councils, the county's power and water suppliers, voluntary sector agencies such as St John's Ambulance and the Red Cross as well as Surrey Fire and Rescue. The partnership works together to help individuals and communities build resilience and protect homes.

How does it work?

These agencies work together and directly with the community to develop and promote resources that can help strengthen resilience. These are available to everyone via the Surrey Prepare website so they can plan and prepare for potential incidents, allowing them to be strong as individuals and to build a more resilient community.

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