Terms and conditions for applying for a door camera

We take your privacy very seriously (please see the full details in our Privacy Notice).

The Camera

  • Loan: We are lending you the door camera for free.
  • Return: We ask that you return it when you don't need it anymore or that we ask for it back.


  • Your house: Make sure the owner of the property/your landlord is okay with the camera installation.
  • Professional installation: A qualified technician will install the camera on your door (for free). If it doesn't fit, we might offer a different option.

What you need to do

  • Wi-Fi: You'll need a Wi-Fi connection at home for the camera to work and someone to monitor the footage on a smart device.
  • Privacy matters: The camera will be set to only record what's happening in your property boundary, and that stickers may be placed to show there's CCTV. Please leave them there.
  • Keep everyone informed: Let everyone in your house know about the camera and who can see the footage.
  • Cloud storage (optional): Pay extra to store recordings online if you want.
  • You're responsible for maintenance: It's your job to keep the camera in good working order.

Footage and contact

  • See who's there, remotely: You and whoever you trust (friend, family, carer) can view the recordings remotely.
  • Report crime: If you see a crime, we ask that you work with the Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards and/or the Police to share the footage.
  • We may contact you: We will periodically contact you out about the loan by phone, email, or mail and appreciate any feedback.

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