Helping you to stay safe when you’re transitioning to adulthood

Everybody has the right to feel safe, wherever you are at home, at school or college, at work or with friends.

Sadly, some people experience abuse or neglect. This could be things like hitting, bullying, taking money, making fun or not supporting you when you need it.

Group of young adults huddled around an infographic of a shield with the workd 'safeguarding' on it

If you are an adult with care and support needs, and you feel you are experiencing abuse or neglect, this is known as a Safeguarding concern and Social Services can help you with this by:

  • Finding an advocate to help you tell your story if you need
  • Listening to you and finding out what you would like to do
  • Making a plan with you to keep you safe.

Telling somebody

If you are worried about abuse or neglect, then you or somebody you trust can:

Call 999 if it is an emergency or you / somebody else is in immediate danger.

Let your Social Worker, or a Social Work Team know. If you have are known to Surrey Transition Team, you can:

Young woman on the telephone

If you don't know whether you have a Social Worker or Social Work Team, but you are an adult that lives in Surrey, you can report your concern to Surrey Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) by:

For more information, please see Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board.

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