Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)

Heavy goods vehicle movements

As a transport authority, Surrey County Council has some limited powers to regulate heavy goods vehicle (HGV) movements.

Where a height or weight restriction is already in place on a road, the Police are responsible for enforcement but may have limited resources to do so.

If there is not already a height or weight restriction, we may consider putting one in with the support of your local County Councillor where there is a proven issue.

While some vehicles may be unsuitable for a road, a height or weight restricted road would often not prevent the problem. We take any reports about unsuitable HGVs seriously and our Engineers will decide if there is any suitable action to be taken. Sometimes this may unfortunately mean that no immediate action is taken.

If you would like to get in touch with us about a continued problem with an HGV, please contact us.

Width restrictions

The simplest and most efficient method of preventing HGV movement is by a physical width restriction. A well-located restriction can effectively stop unwanted 'through' movements whilst still allowing access to an area.

Width restrictions may not attract police enforcement, but careful consideration is given to the needs of the emergency services, in particular the Fire Brigade. Consideration is also given to the effect upon necessary HGV journeys such as rubbish collection and home deliveries.

Weight restrictions

A weight restriction requires police enforcement. However the Police do not place a high priority on the enforcement of such restrictions and rely on the measure(s) being mainly self-enforcing.

Signing ("Unsuitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles")

Where it is not possible to implement an HGV restriction, consideration may be given to using an "Unsuitable for Large Goods Vehicles" sign. However a suitable alternative route must exist (and be signed) before such a sign is considered.

General information for HGV drivers

We encourage drivers to use main roads as far as possible, until near the point of delivery to reduce the impact on towns and villages to a minimum.

The Surrey Interactive map shows weight or height restricted bridges in Surrey.

  • We encourage drivers of HGV's to especially consider the following; (this is not an exhaustive list)
  • Use the highest category road available
  • Look for the signed routes
  • Know the height of your vehicle
  • Know the plated weight of your vehicle
  • Watch out for low bridges and look for the warning signs - a low bridge is one with a height of less than 16'6" (5.03m)
  • Only enter a weight restriction area if your destination is on that road; otherwise, please find an alternative route.
  • Ensure loads are properly secured

In addition, lorries should:

  • travel on motorways and main roads;
  • leave/join motorways/main roads at the nearest junction;
  • access that junction using the nearest main road providing it is a suitable route;
  • not use less suitable local roads where there are main roads available that offer a suitable route and;
  • use the best road available for local trips.

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