Specification and adoption details for street lights in new developments

In March 2010, Surrey County Council entered into a new 25 year contract with Skanska. As part of this contract all county owned lighting has been replaced or upgraded between 2010-2015. The new lighting has been installed with a dimming and remote monitoring system allowing us to save energy and monitor the lighting. Because of this and to subsequently allow us to adopt new lighting, any new lighting installed by a developer will need to meet the requirement of the relevant specification necessary.

The Contractor specification and Developers Guidance Notes are being updated to reflect the change to LED lighting, which begins in 2020.

For the latest information, and guidance, please contact our contractor, Skanska, directly using the following contact details;

  • Skanska
    Surrey County Council Depot
    Hazel House
    Merrow Lane
    Guildford GU4 7BQ
  • Email: surrey.lightingservices@skanska.co.uk
  • Telephone: 0300 200 1003

Fees will be charged per asset to maintain the asset over a 30 year period. Fees may vary for non-standard or specialised equipment. Please be aware inspection fees are not included.

Adoption fee calculator

Asset type

Contract fee per Asset

5/6 metre column £1,272.60
8 metre column £1,472.87
10 metre column £1,472.87
12 metre column £1,472.87
15 metre column £2,051.24
High mast (up to 4 lighting points) £5,877.20
High mast (over 4 lighting points) £8,837.20
Illuminated street furniture £549.44

This does not include inspection fees.

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