Organising road closures for sporting events

Due to Surrey becoming an increasingly popular setting for major public events, causing some communities to be heavily affected, Surrey County Council has developed an events process for sporting events on the road. This will enable organisers to know the procedures that need to be followed for closed road events to minimise disruption and inconvenience for residents.

  • Timeline for organising sporting events on closed roads
  • Applying for an event on the highway

Timeline for organising sporting events on closed roads

It is important that event organisers provide enough time to plan and consult regarding their events that require road closures. Below is the recommended timeline for the actions that need to be taken.

Before the event

Months/weeks from eventActivity Action by
12+ months from event

Check availability of proposed event date on the Surrey sporting event calendar.

Event organiser

12+ months from event

Consultation undertaken with key stakeholders

Event organiser
12 months from event Detailed event application received, including how they will deliver the Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and evidence of consultation Event organiser
11 months from event

In principal support given (or not) conditions stipulated.


11 months from event

Statement of the relevant legislation to be used (road closure applications only)

10 months from event Further engagement with critical services, local communities, councillors and other stakeholders Event organiser
9 months from event Attendance at Safety Advisory Group (SAG) Event organiser (invitation will be sent from SAG Chair or representative
6 months from event Attendance at second SAG Event organiser (at the discretion of the SAG Chair)
3 months from event

No objections to be given by relevant SAG

SAG Chair

3 months from event Road closure paperwork complete Approver (paid for by the event organiser)
2 month from event

Intention to make road closure advertised.

Approver (paid for by the event organiser)

2 month from event

Road signs displayed (if required)

Event organiser

2 weeks from event Finalised road closure orders published Approver (paid for by the event organiser)

After the event

Months/Weeks from eventActivity Action by
2-3 weeks Feedback and debrief from event

Event organiser

Applying for a sporting event on the highway

If you wish to run a sporting event in Surrey that involves a road closure, please complete the form below and send to

Full guidance for organisers can be found below. Please read this as it explains the process in greater detail.

Files available to download

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