Sporting events on Surrey's roads

The calendar below lists sporting events such as cycle races and sportives, running events and triathlons taking place on Surrey's roads. This information has been compiled to make residents aware of sporting events that may affect the roads that they use and to help organisers to schedule their events on routes and times that do not clash with other events. More details on each event, such as times, duration and routes, can be found from the links to the organisers' websites.

Most of the events listed below take place on open roads, and there is no requirement for organisers to advise us of their events. Therefore, this may not be an exhaustive list, and Surrey County Council do not promote or provide approval for these events.

If you are organising a cycling sportive on open roads in Surrey, please let us know by email via We have developed a Code of Practice (PDF) which sets out the key issues to consider. Please note the Code of Practice PDF is a large file and should be downloaded using Wi-Fi.

This includes advice about things that you might want to do in advance to ensure your sportive is not only fun, but problem free. To check whether there are going to be any roadworks on your proposed route please go to One Network.

If you are thinking of running a sporting event that requires roads to be closed to traffic please read our: closed road events process. This will help you know the procedures that need to be followed to minimise disruption and inconvenience for residents.

If you have any complaints about the way any of the events are run please contact the event organiser using the links to the organisers' websites.


Date of event Name of eventStart and finish locationsEvent organiser
8 October Guildford 10 kilometresGuildford High Street Guildford Run Through Events
8 OctoberBEC Hill ClimbWhite Lane Timpsfield BEC Cycling Club
29 OctoberKent ClassicLingfield Race Course LingfieldUK Cycling Events Ltd


Date of event Name of eventStart and finish locations Event organiser
04 NovemberMaverick Trail RunLoseley Park GuildfordMaverick Race
19 NovemberHampton Court Palace 10 kilometresHampton Court Palace Hampton CourtRun Through Events


Date of EventName of eventStart and finish locationsEvent organiser
01 DecemberAdvent RunRiver Thames Towpath Westbound WaltonPhoenix