HGV Watch

Welcome to HGV Watch, helping to protect communities and the environment. We understand the importance to the economy of being able to make deliveries and move goods on Surrey roads. However, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) should use appropriate routes and should not contravene HGV weight restrictions that have been introduced for environmental or safety reasons.

The most common type of HGV restriction is that of 7.5 tonnes (except for loading). This generally means HGVs with a maximum gross weight of 7.5 tonnes are prohibited by the restriction, however there are often exemptions for loading to allow deliveries etc.

What is HGV Watch?

HGV Watch is a community driven initiative whereby volunteers, with the support of Surrey County Council and the Surrey Police, monitor HGVs who are found to be driving through existing weight restrictions.

What is our objective?

Our objective is to improve compliance with HGV weight restrictions and to inform HGV drivers, operators and sat-nav providers to help them make better decisions with regards to vehicle routing.

How to become a volunteer?

If you and other members of your community think that HGVs are contravening a weight restriction in your neighbourhood and you would like to take an active role in monitoring, then forming a group is a good next step.

Training will be provided if required, information regarding health and safety and how to manage enquiries by motorists and/or other members of the public. To find out more about establishing a new HGV Watch scheme, or to see if there is an existing scheme, contact the HGV Watch team via email HGVWatch@surreycc.gov.uk

HGV Watch Taking action to help keep your community safe. Surrey County Council and Surrey Police working in partnership.

How does HGV Watch work?

  • An HGV is observed driving along a road in contravention of an HGV weight restriction.
  • Details of the offending HGV are recorded by HGV Watch volunteers.
  • Photographic evidence is taken of the contravention.
  • Details and photos are uploaded to Surrey County Council.
  • First potential offence – a letter is sent to the vehicle's owner advising that a possible offence has occurred.
  • Second offence – a warning letter is sent to the owner advising that further offences could lead to a police investigation.
  • Third offence – Surrey Police are involved and information about previous observations is passed to them for further targeted action. A letter is sent to the HGV owner/operator advising them of this, which may result in prosecution.

Where can I report an HGV?

If your community already has an HGV Watch scheme running, then you can follow the link below. You must have clear photographic evidence to support your report, the location, time, date of the report and any branding.

HGV Watch online form

If your location is not listed on the form, then please contact HGVWatch@surreycc.gov.uk and we can set up a scheme for your area should a weight restriction apply currently.

Thank you for your time, the evidence you provide will be invaluable supporting us to tackle HGVs in contravention of weight restrictions.

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