What information does the Historic Environment Record contain?

A wide range of information relating to the historic and archaeological environment is included on the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER). For example:

  • Chance finds, such as prehistoric flint tools or fragments of Roman pottery
  • Standing monuments, like the ruins of a Norman castle
  • Excavations, often in advance of building development
  • Field surveys, identifying scatters of material in ploughed fields and historic landscape features
  • Cropmarks indicating buried walls or ditches, identified from aerial photographs
  • Documentary evidence, such as a watermill shown on a seventeenth-century map
  • Research projects, such as into industrial sites and World War II defences
  • Information on protected sites, such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments and Historic Parks & Gardens

At present, the HER contains over 24,000 records, ranging from the earliest periods of prehistory, to post-medieval times. As new sites and finds are being discovered all the time, the HER is continually being updated and our knowledge of all archaeological periods continues to evolve.