A Saxon coin brooch from Headley

A Saxon coin broochA silver penny, apparently of Aethelred II (978-1016), was found by a metal detectorist near Headley church. One side, divided into a grid, has been gilded and the edge of a small circular hole survives on a break which suggests that the coin was converted into a brooch, the fitting for which is now missing.

The gilded obverse is not otherwise recorded, and only elements of the reverse are known on a coin in a collection in Sweden (a large number of coins of Aethelred II 'the Unready' have been found in Scandinavia, having been paid as Danegeld to buy off hostile Viking armies during his reign). The reverse of the Headley coin tells us that it was minted in Shaftesbury by a moneyer named Aethelmaer. Either side of the central cross are the symbols for Alpha and Omega.

Coins converted into brooches first appear in the 10th century. However, as both sides of this example are unknown, the coin may be a fabrication, intended to be a brooch from the start, or it could be a pattern which was intended to be a coin but never issued. This coin brooch is the subject of much discussion at the moment between coin specialists.

Single coins are not reportable finds under the 1996 Treasure Act. However, as this coin has been converted for use as a brooch it becomes a reportable find and is presently being considered as possible Treasure. It will hopefully eventually reside in a national numismatic collection.

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