Your Councillor Community Fund for Waverley in 2023 to 2024

The figures are correct as of 29 March 2024.

Please note that this only displays the funding that has been awarded. Councillors may have promised more funding to residents than is shown on this page.

Your County Councillors

Kevin Deanus

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Alfold Parish Council Bench installation £1,500
Hascombe Village Hall Installation of a defibrillator at Hascombe Village Hall £1,047
Alfold Parish Council Bin Installation at Horsham Road Pond £666
SW Surrey Domestic Abuse Service Recovery Programme for survivors of domestic abuse £1,424
Dunsfold Amphibian Rescue Team 9C/o SARG) Roadside Warning Signs £363

Balance remaining: £0

Paul Follows

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Community Orchard Project South East Project CIC Fruitful Parishes: Godalming South, Milford and Witley £3,032
Home-Start in Waverley Supporting Families in Crisis £1,968

Balance remaining: £0

David Harmer

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Thursley Road Council Parish noticeboard £597
Celebration Fund Celebration Fund £250
Witley Parish Council Brook Green bollards £1,225
Churt parish Council Churt cricket pavilion honours board £935
Frensham Parish Council Bench carving £1,893

Balance remaining: £100

Andy MacLeod

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Creative Response Arts The annex: increasing our capacity to support people with disabilities £1,500
40 Degreez First Aid Training £1,000
Farnham Assist Farnham Assist Celebrations £1,500
Phyllis Tuckwell Memorial Hospice Ltd Purchase of syringe driver £1,000

Balance remaining: £0

Michaela Martin

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Coronation lunch for the elderly Rowledge coronation lunch £1,000
First Rowledge guides Tents for First Rowledge Guides £500
Girlguiding Bourne and Boundestone district Girlguiding £500
Farnham Carnival Farnham town carnival 2024 £900
Rowledge Volunteers Rowledge Volunteers - Four Seasons £1,000
The Ridgeway School Fund Play Therapy £1,000
Hale Community and Youth Centre Stay and Play £100

Balance remaining: £0

Catherine Powell

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Home Start in Waverley Individual sleep and routine strategies £1,200
Hale Community and Youth Centre Overnight camping trip for girls youth group £960
Waverley Family Centre/ Barnardos Support for parents/ carers of children with additional needs £500
Hale Community and Youth Centre Stay and Play £240
SHIP c/o Hale Community Centre Repair and refurbishment of the notice boards on Sandy Lane Estate £700
Hale Community and Youth Centre Gentle Strength and Balance Sessions £1,400

Balance remaining: £0

Penny Rivers

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Godalming Band New uniform for youth band £1,000
Pride in Surrey Pride in Surrey 2023 £500
Skillway Skillway - materials £2,000
Headway in Surrey Walking and talking group for adult survivors of brain injury £500
Waverley Borough Council Waverley skate workshops £450
Farncombe Youth Football Club Roof repair and female toilets refurbishment. £550

Balance remaining: £0

John Robini

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Celebration Fund Celebration Fund £250
Lynchmere Cricket Club Lynchmere - bowling machine £750
Home-start in Waverley Supporting Haslemere vulnerable families £2,000
Haslemere Town Council Replacement CCTV camera £399
Surrey Neighbourhood Watch Association Surrey Neighbourhood Watch £250
Haslemere Town Council Cleaning Haslemere War Memorial £1,351

Balance remaining: £0

Liz Townsend

Organisation Project descriptionFunding
Waverley Borough Council Wildflower meadow interpretation board £612
Surrey Wildlife Trust Check, clean, Cranleigh £1,000
Cranleigh Football Club GPS vests for Cranleigh Football Club £1,500
Ewhurst Football Club Ground and equipment renewal £1,000
Cranleigh Royal British Legion Cranleigh Royal British Legion portable public address system £150
Cranleigh Civic Society Water Testing Kit Supplies £450
Ewhurst ladies football team Ewhurst Ladies Football Team £288

Balance remaining: £0

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