All Age Autism Strategy 2021 to 2026

Surrey's All-Age Autism Strategy 2021 to 2026 aims to improve the lives of the estimated 12,300 autistic people living in Surrey, by breaking down barriers and inequalities that autistic children, young people and adults face in education, health, social care, work and communities. The strategy was developed by a partnership of autistic people, their families and carers, and professionals from across Surrey's service system. Together they have set out an autism friendly vision for Surrey, where autistic people can lead healthy, safe and fulfilling lives. The strategy will be delivered by committed partners across Surrey to improve understanding of autism and support more accessible and joined-up public services.

Clare Curran, Cabinet Member for Children and Families said "Delivery of the All-Age Autism strategy through committed partnership over the next five years will improve the lives of Surrey's autistic children and young people by giving them better and more equal access to the public services they need to lead healthy, safe and fulfilling lives."

Sinead Mooney, Cabinet Member for Adults and Health said: "Ensuring no-one is left behind is a priority for Surrey County Council. The All-Age Autism Strategy has set the ambition that autistic residents whatever their age, will have an equality of access and their needs better understood across education, care and health services in Surrey."

Denise Turner-Stewart, Cabinet Member for Education and Learning said: "The All-Age Autism strategy will help to inform and improve understanding of autism across Surrey. Working with our partners in health and education, we are committed to increasing local opportunities for autistic children and young people, enabling them to meet their future ambitions."

The Surrey All-Age Autism Strategy supports the National Autism Strategy published by the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department for Education.

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