Autism in Surrey

What is Surrey's All-Age Autism Strategy?

Surrey's All-Age Autism Strategy aims to improve the lives of autistic people living in Surrey.

There are five areas of work that aim to break down the barriers and inequalities that autistic children, young people, and adults face:

  • information, awareness and understanding of autism
  • education and preparation for adulthood
  • health and social care support
  • housing and independent living
  • employment.

The strategy involves a partnership of:

  • autistic people, their families, and carers
  • Surrey County Council
  • NHS.

Together they have set out an autism-friendly vision for Surrey, where autistic people can lead healthy, safe, and fulfilling lives:

All-Age Autism Strategy

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If you, or someone you know, is autistic and would like to get involved with the strategy, please join our reference groups:

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