What to do if you are cold called at your home

If you receive a cold call from a rogue trader contact our team via Citizens Advice consumer service on: 0808 223 1133. Our officers are available weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

Have you had any of these approaches?

  • "You've got a loose tile on your roof"
  • "I can give you a good price to repair your driveway"
  • "I'm doing a survey"
  • "I advise on security/home safety"
  • "We were working next door when we noticed…"
  • "You have definitely won a prize"
  • "We are only in your area this week"
  • "Can you help with market research?"
  • "I'm selling on behalf of …"
  • "We're looking for show homes…"

All of the above claims are used by uninvited doorstep callers/sales people as an introduction to try and get you to pay for services or goods you don't want or need.

Always ask yourself

  • Do I really want the work done, or the goods?
  • Would I normally have agreed to this?
  • Have I compared prices?
  • What if it goes wrong?
  • Do I know the seller?
  • Can I really afford it?
  • Can I contact the seller again?
  • Do I have any cancellation rights?

Don't hurry to part with your money, a good deal will always wait.

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