Trading Standards Service Delivery Plan

Our purpose

The Trading Standards service exists to:

  • Protect individuals, communities and businesses from harm and financial loss
  • Help business to thrive by maintaining a fair trading environment
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities
  • Fulfil our statutory responsibilities to deliver consumer and public protection services across Buckinghamshire and Surrey

Our context, challenges and opportunities

The challenging economic situation for most households is causing an increase in vulnerability, including temporary vulnerabilities, amongst residents. We will raise awareness of new frauds as they emerge and protect the most vulnerable in our communities who are often deliberately targeted and exploited by frauds, illicit, unsafe and counterfeit goods. We will identify products and marketplaces most likely to be susceptible to cost of living pressures. We will support people to help themselves.

The ongoing move towards new and emerging online markets remains a significant issue for the Service and we will continue to explore the most effective ways to tackle consumer issues within these new markets.

Ensuring that consumers and businesses can have confidence in fair green/net zero markets is vital for the longevity of these markets, and therefore the planet. We will work in support of this.

Leaving no one behind is vital, and we will strive to better support an equal, diverse and inclusive society both within our team and in society more widely considering the impact of our work on communities and individuals.

Our key actions

We will support the delivery of Buckinghamshire Council's strategic aims, and the Community Vision for Surrey in 2030.

  • Protecting the most vulnerable. Tackling fraudulent, illegal and unfair trading practices.
  • Enabling businesses to get the help and support they need to thrive and grow. Delivering public protection through supporting businesses to comply with their legal responsibilities and ensuring a level playing field.
  • Improving wellbeing and public health; tackling the supply of unsafe, dangerous or age restricted products and working to maintain the integrity of the food chain from farm to fork, including food quality, nutrition, and animal health.
  • Through enhancing our community engagement in pilot areas, supporting communities and individuals as they face pressures generated by increases in the cost of living.
  • Actively promoting and contributing to a culture that generates a positive and inclusive environment and empowers the workforce, communities, and residents.

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