Working in a public space

As well as working from an SCC workspace or from home, agile working means that you could work in a public or community space or building.

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Things you should consider

  • Think about what agile working means for you and your team – what benefits are there for you working in a public or community space? Working from a cafĂ© or public building provides a more social environment without needing to go into a workplace and provides the opportunity to meet with colleagues.
  • Think about how everyone in the team knows where people are working, the Transitioning out of lockdown guide can help with this.
  • Choose your workspace wisely – ensure it's conducive to work and that the proprietor is happy for you to work there.
  • Think about the type of work that will be most effective in a public or community space – noise and confidentiality should be considered.
  • With agile working, there is a likelihood that you'll be involved in hybrid meetingstraining is available to support this.

Technology and equipment

  • Depending on your role, to support agile working, you will be provided with an SCC laptop, hybrid or iPhone if required.
  • Agile working is about focussing on outcomes rather than hours or locations which means that colleagues have greater flexibility in when they work and where they work – whether that be at home, in an office or a public or community space.
  • Consider your workspace wisely and ensure that you can work comfortably – consider your set up to make sure that you are taking care of your physical health.
  • The SCC network can be accessed using public wifi – make sure that the location has good wifi coverage and familiarise yourself with how to connect securely.
  • SCC provide digital solutions to enable you to work in an agile way – support on how to use these tools, such as Microsoft teams can be accessed on the Digital Skills Our Surrey page


  • Ensure that you consider your wellbeing – working in a Public or Community space may provide a change of scenery and interaction with others in person which may be good for your wellbeing.

Working considerately and securely

  • Be aware of your surroundings when working with personal data – ensure that you are situated where others cannot view your screen and that you are not having confidential conversations that others could overhear.
  • We all have a responsibility to protect the information we use in our work. This is particularly important where the information is sensitive or confidential.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that data is protected from risks inherent in working outside of the office.
  • Don't leave any paperwork or devices unattended if you move away from your seat, consider what you will do if you need a comfort break. Be aware of potential theft.

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