Reporting an emergency with a street light, illuminated sign or bollard

This page is for street lighting, illuminated bollard or illuminated signs emergencies.

If you are unsure whether the fault you are reporting is an emergency, please check our what is an emergency section to find out what we consider to be an emergency.

How do I report an emergency?

Please call us immediately on 0300 200 1003 immediately to report an emergency. Please do not report emergencies online.

To report a fault that is not an emergency, please use our online reporting system for street lights, illuminated signs and bollards.

What information will I need to provide?

Please provide the following information when reporting an emergency

  • Details of type of damage to the street light, illuminated sign or bollard
  • Address details (road name, Town or Village name and postcode)
  • Details of any building or landmarks close by
  • Number on column (for street lights only. This is normally on the lamp post approximately two meters from the ground facing the road. Old street light may not always have a number.)
  • Your name and telephone number so that we may contact you to clarify the location if we cannot find it

How long will it take for us to attend?

We will respond to all emergency faults within two hours.

Underground cable emergencies

If anyone strikes, hits or breaks an underground cable, they must contact either UK Power Networks PLC or Scottish and Southern Energy PLC as appropriate. Please do not report these to Surrey County Council. Cable strikes are the responsibility of whoever caused the damage.

  • UKPN: 0800 783 8866
  • SSE: 0800 072 7282

What is an emergency?

The following types of damage are considered to be emergencies.

Damage typeStreet lightingIlluminated signsIlluminated bollards
Knocked overYesYesYes
Street lighting column leaning 20 degrees or moreYes  

Lantern spun round more than 30 degrees


Bracket hanging off


Badly bent


Bracket fallen off


Broken into pieces


Lantern hanging


Loose in ground/island


Lantern fallen off


Bowl hanging


Inspection door missing / wires exposed


Sparking / smoking / on fire

Sign light fallen off Yes 
Leaning badly (over 20 degrees for signs) YesYes
Sign light hanging off or fallen off Yes 
So much graffiti the sign cannot be seen YesYes
No entry signed turned round wrong way Yes 
Bollard turned round wrong way (so sign not visible)  Yes
Ground light open / wires exposed  Yes
Missing  Yes
Turned round wrong way  Yes


  • Bowl: The polycarbonate section at the bottom of the lantern through which the light shines
  • Lantern: The major component at the top of the street light in which the lamp sits
  • Bracket: The 'arm' that holds the lantern to the main street light 'shaft'
  • Inspection door: The access panel at the base of the column

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