Removal of unlicensed street light attachments

Street lighting attachments notice period and removal Policy

This Policy covers 'substantial' attachments. Temporary attachments, for example flyposting, flags tied on or small bits of cardboard, will be removed immediately from site and destroyed.

The Policy also covers the immediate removal of attachments that pose an immediate risk to the public. Removal of these attachments will be a priority and will not fall under the notice of the removal process below.

If an unlicensed attachment is found and we are able to identify the owner of the attachment, Milestone will contact them to provide them with the 28 day notice of removal and relevant information to deal.

If the owner is forthcoming within the 28 days, they will be required to submit an application for licence or remove the attachment altogether. The requirements of the licence must be met; if the Code of Practice is not met, the attachments must be removed and refit in line with the requirements.

If the owner is not forthcoming after 28 days, the attachments will be removed from the Street lighting column and destroyed.

Due to the sensitive nature of CCTV, if a Surrey County Council Officer or representative of Milestone requests that the equipment is removed, the applicant must make arrangements to remove the equipment within one working day.

If this request goes unheeded or if any unauthorised recording and/or transmission equipment is found attached to lamp columns, the equipment will be removed without notice and retained securely by Surrey County Council or Milestone for 28 days.

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