Surrey Lane Rental Scheme (SLRS)

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About the Surrey Lane Rental Scheme (SLRS)

Surrey has some of the busiest roads in the country. As the Highway Authority for the county, one of our key aims is to cut congestion and minimise disruption for road users. We do this by working closely with our partners to plan and co-ordinate works.

We commenced the SLRS on 1 April 2021 following Department for Transport (DfT) approval.

By charging for lane closures and road closures on the busiest roads at peak times, the SLRS acts as an incentive to schedule works at less busy times of the day and keep traffic moving.

  • All planned roadworks and streetworks covered by the Traffic Management Permit Scheme. These two schemes complement each other and help us manage works to minimise disruption.
  • Work carried out under Section 50 licences to install apparatus on roads.
  • Work under Section 278 of the Highways Act (1980) to make permanent alterations or improvements as part of a planning application submitted by developers.

The SLRS covers our busiest and most congested roads, covering approximately 7.5% of our overall road network length. You can see which roads are part of the scheme at which times of the day in this SLRS map.

Following each year of operation we are able to review this schedule of streets and make any changes as traffic flows and congestion data might dictate.

Lane closures and road closures

Lane closures include all forms of traffic control or traffic management that closes one or more lanes on a carriageway. It also includes any impact that reduces traffic flow including at junctions.

SLRS charges

The current charge is £1500 per day for a lane closure and £2500 per day for a road closure.

Discounts up to 100% are available in some circumstances and are considered on a case-by-case basis. For example, works that deliver significant improvements or upgrades that substantially extend the longevity of the road, nationally significant projects, or works to install infrastructure specifically to minimise the impact of future works, would all be considered for discounts.

We actively promote collaboration and innovation so SLRS discounts of 25% and upwards are also available to companies that show these in their initial permit application.

Our Streetworks officers monitor all works and may remove discounts if we believe works are not being carried out as initially proposed.

Operational guidance for works promoters

If you are a work promoter, working on Surrey's Highways, please email us at if you wish to receive a copy of the SLRS document, or the associated Operational Guidance which we have developed.

Surplus revenue grants

Surplus revenues received over and above scheme operation costs go towards funding innovative projects that reduce the disruption of streetworks and roadworks.

They may include trials of new innovative products and techniques, infrastructure to access apparatus more easily, and measures to cut down the noise, pollution and hazards of streetworks and roadworks.

If you wish to receive a copy of our Guide to the Funding Application process, please email us at
To make a bid to receive funding towards an innovative project please complete our online form.

More information

For more information, contact us via email at

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