Types of road maintenance

Maintaining our roads and pavements

Types of road maintenance

Our responsibilities

Surrey County Council is responsible for maintaining approximately 4800 km (3000 miles) of roads. We repair potholes and other minor defects throughout the year when they come to our attention and meet our highway safety standards.

Types of work

As part of our Highways Maintenance Programme, we carry out three types of work on the road:

  • Resurfacing - where we remove the top of the road and put a new road surface down. This is undertaken where there are problems in the underlying structure of the road.
  • Preventative maintenance - we carry out work to the top of the road to improve the skid resistance, increase the lifespan of roads and reduce the risk of potholes. To find out more about what this involves, see our page about surface dressing.
  • Extensive repairs - this is to sections of the road which are damaged. We cut out the damaged sections of the road, including any wider deterioration, and replace them.

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