Minor highway proposals in Tandridge

List of schemes revealed under questions 3.6 (a to l) on the Con29R local authority search.

VariousDistrict wide road/junction safety schemes.Investigate improvements to i) Caterham Bypass/Godstone Road junction, Caterham; Stanstead Road and White Hill Lane, Caterham; Limpsfield Road/Slines Oak Road junction, Warlingham; Limpsfield Road, Warlingham, between Trenham Drive and Church Road; Pendell Road/Sandy Lane junction, Bletchingley; Ray Lane/Lingfield Common Road, Lingfield
CaterhamPedestrian crossing improvementsInvestigate improved crossing facilities at Salmons Lane / Whyteleafe Road, Burntwood Lane, Guards Avenue, Godstone Road, Buxton Lane / Portley Lane, Chaldon Road and Banstead Road.
Caterham / WhyteleafeA22 Godstone Road cycle route.Investigate provision of a cycle route between Whyteleafe and Wapses Lodge Roundabout.
Oxted / Hurst GreenPedestrian crossing improvementsInvestigate pedestrian crossing on Pollards Oak Road and a pedestrian refuge on A25 west of Old Oxted High Street.
South Godstone / OxtedJunction safety schemes.Investigate junction improvement at Miles Lane/Tandridge Lane and signalisation of A25 Godstone Road/West Hill and Church Lane.
Oxted / Hurst GreenPedestrian access improvements.Investigate new footways along Wolfs Hill and Bluehouse Lane
GodstoneHigh Street pedestrian crossing.Investigate crossing point north of Tilburstow Hill Road.
GodstoneTilburstow Hill Road / A22 safety improvements.Investigate footway improvements and junction review.
GodstoneSalisbury Road closure.Investigate closure of road at junction with High Street to prevent rat running.
South GodstoneHarts Lane Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) measures.Investigate measures to restrict access by Heavy Goods Vehicles.
South NutfieldOutwood Lane priority give way.Investigate provision of priority give way at railway bridge.
South GodstoneLagham Park road widening.Investigate widening to relieve congestion and improve safety.
South GodstoneA22 Eastbourne Road roundabout.Investigate provision of a roundabout at the junction with Miles Lane and Hart Lane.
GodstoneA25 Cycle improvements.Investigate shared footway/cycleway between Godstone and Bletchingley, and widen existing footway/cycleway between Tylers Green roundabout and A25/A22 roundabout.
WhyteleafeWhyteleafe Hill traffic calming review.Consider removal or replacement with alternative features.
WhyteleafeA22 Godstone Road /Whyteleafe Hill / Hillbury Road roundabout.Investigate remodelling to improve congestion.
LingfieldTraffic calming measures.Investigate traffic calming measures on Newchapel Road, Crowhurst Road and Station Road.
BletchingleyPedestrian access improvements.Investigate pedestrian refuges along A25 at junctions with Rabies Heath Road and North Park Lane.
BletchingleyTraffic calming measures.Investigate measures along Rabies Heath Road and Brewer Street.
BletchingleyOutwood Lane junction improvement.Investigate improvement scheme at junction with A25, possible signal control.
FelbridgeFelbridge Pedestrian crossing facilities.Investigate crossing facilities on A264 Copthorne Road at junctions with A22 London Road and Mill Lane.
FelbridgeMill Lane footway.Investigate provision of footway in vicinity of Copthorne Road.
FelbridgeCrawley Down Road junction Improvement.Investigate improvement to junction with A264, possible signal control.
FelbridgeFelbridge CyclewaysInvestigate cycle routes along A264, A22 and Crawley Down Road.
Smallfield Smallfield footway provision.Investigate new footways along Plough Road and Redehall Road (include possible crossing point).
Hurst GreenHurst Green footway improvements.Investigate footway extension along Mill Lane and Red Lane.
WoldinghamChurch Road traffic calming.Investigate traffic calming and possible consider 20 mph speed limit.
DormanslandDormansland footway improvements.Investigate provision of footways along Racecourse Road and Hollow Lane.
DormanslandHigh Street / Station Road roundabout.Investigate provision of a roundabout at the junction with Mutton Hill and Olderwick Road.
WarlinghamLimpsfield Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of a pedestrian crossing between Warlingham Green and Trenham Drive.
LingfieldBlackberry Lane/Felcourt Road safety scheme.Investigate speed reduction and safety features at this junction.
NewchapelEast Park Lane improvements.Investigate safety improvements to include traffic calming and/or HGV restriction.
ChaldonRook Lane traffic calming.Investigate provision of speed control measures.
ChaldonChaldon Village pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of a crossing point along either Rook Lane or Chaldon Common Road.
OxtedStopping Up order at junction of Wolfs Hill and Home Park in Oxted.Stopping Up application being advertised by Department for Transport under reference NATTRAN/SE/S247/2010
WarlinghamStopping Up request for Farleigh Golf Course.Investigate application for a stopping up request on Farleigh Common (also known as Old Farleigh Road).
GodstoneStopping Up request for Flower Lane.Investigate application for a stopping up request outside Flint Hall Cottage.
Smallfield Wheelers Lane safety improvements.Investigate extension of 20mph limit and alterations to existing pinch point including a road table and kerb realignment.
WarlinghamTithepit Shaw Lane Pedestrian Refuge.Investigate provision of a pedestrian refuge at the junction with Limpsfield Road.
WarlinghamWesthall Road zebra crossing.Investigate provision of crossing point between Homefield Road and number 142.
OxtedChalkpit Lane width restriction.Investigate provision of physical width restriction between The Ridge and the quarry entrance.
LingfieldGodstone Road build-out alterations.Carry out improvements to existing build-out located north of Bay Trees.
LimpsfieldA25 Westerham Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of controlled crossing point outside Limpsfield Infant School.
WhyteleafeA22 Godstone Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of controlled crossing point in vicinity of Hillside Road.
GodstoneA25 High Street / Godstone Green Road improvements.Investigate improvements to 2 zebra crossings located near the Old Forge Café.
Blindley HeathA22 Eastbourne Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of controlled pedestrian crossing outside St Johns Church / Huggetts Day Nursery.
Godstone - CaterhamA22 Godstone Hill / Godstone Road cycle route upgrade.Upgrade the existing shared footway/cycleway on the west side of A22 between M25/Godstone Interchange and Markfield Road.
CaterhamWhyteleafe Road waiting restrictions.Introduce double yellow lines on eastern side at new development taking place at 156-170 Whyteleafe Road (to be known as Broadleaf Place).
VariousTandridge Parking Review 2021/22.Proposed waiting restrictions in Caterham, Godstone, Nutfield, South Godstone, Dormansland, Lingfield, Smallfield, Hurst Green, Limpsfield, Oxted, Tatsfield and Warlingham.

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