Minor highway proposals in Surrey Heath

List of schemes revealed under questions 3.6 (a to l) on the Con29R local authority search.

CamberleyYorktown Strategy Plan Bus Gates.Introduce bus gates at following junctions: Watchmoor Road / Moorlands Road, Stanhope Road / Queen Mary Avenue, Doman Road / Vale Road.
CamberleyYorktown Strategy Plan Pedestrian Crossing.New toucan crossing on A30 London road to assist access to The Meadows.
CamberleyYorktown Strategy Plan Cycle RoutesProposed cycle links with the Yorktown area.
CamberleyTown Centre pedestrian improvements.Various pedestrian Improvements under policy TC9.
FrimleyFrimley Network Improvement SchemeVarious highway, minor traffic management and cycle improvements within the Frimley area.
West EndLucas Green Road Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) access.Investigate proposals to improve HGV access through the narrow sections to improve safety and reduce verge damage.
ChobhamHigh Street / Station Road junction improvement.Investigate improving traffic flow at junction.
ChobhamA319 Bagshot Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of pedestrian crossing near the school.
BagshotA322 Bagshot Bypass pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of pedestrian crossing to improve pedestrian safety and access between Bagshot and Windlesham.
LightwaterRed Road / Macdoanld Road / Lightwater Road junction improvements.Investigate measures to improve traffic flow and road safety, especially for right hand turns.
LightwaterRed Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of a pedestrian crossing to improve access to West End Common.
WindleshamChertsey Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate provision of a pedestrian crossing in the vicinity of The Sun public house.
DeepcutDeepcut redevelopment highway improvements.Various improvements including junction capacity, safety schemes and bus cycle facilities.
DeepcutDeepcut redevelopment cycle improvements.Various improved cycle routes and facilities.
CamberleyWensleydale Drive Stopping Up Order.Proposed Stopping up of public highway adjacent number 36.
DeepcutBellew Road Closure.Investigate formal closure of part of Bellew Road associated with nearby Princess Royal Barracks development.
ChobhamA319 Bagshot Road new footway.Investigate provision of a new footway in verge.
MytchettColeford Bridge Road new footway.Investigate provision of new footway.
CamberleyA325 Portsmouth Road pedestrian access.Investigate provision of a pedestrian island near the M3 bridge.
ChobhamA319 Chertsey Road traffic calming.Investigate various options for controlling speed in the 30mph section approaching High Street.
CamberleyPark Road parking improvements.Investigate provision of formalised parking spaces and build-outs.
CamberleyA30 London Road pedestrian facility.Convert existing traffic island to uncontrolled pedestrian facility.
DeepcutDeepcut Bridge Road highway improvements.Provision of parking bays, crossing, traffic calming and shared footway/cycleway between Woodend and Brunswick Road.
Lightwater, West End & BisleyA322 off-carriageway cycle route.Investigate new route linking Lightwater and Bisley.
VariousSurrey Heath Parking Review 2020/21.Proposed new/amended waiting restrictions in Camberley, West End, Bagshot and Mytchett.
Chobham - WokingA3046 cycle route.Investigate shared footway/cycleway between Chobham High Street and Woking Town Centre.
BisleyA322 Pedestrian crossing improvements.Investigate enlarged pedestrian island north of junction with Clews Lane.
West EndA322 Pedestrian crossing improvements.Investigate provision of pedestrian refuge in vicinity of Rosewood Way.

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