Minor highway proposals in Runnymede

List of schemes revealed under questions 3.6 (a to l) on the Con29R local authority search.

AddlestoneA318 High Street, Brighton Road, Station Road and Church Road improvements.Proposed widening and new bus lay-bys. Forms part of Runnymede Local Plan policies TC5 to TC8.
Virginia WaterA30 London Road/Christchurch Road safety scheme.Investigate provision of right turn filter signal into The Wheatsheaf.
ChertseyEastworth Road improved pedestrian crossing facilities.Investigate improved crossing facilities in vicinity of Tesco store.
ChertseyA320 Guildford Road access improvements.Provision of a toucan crossing and waiting restrictions in vicinity of Salesian School.
ChertseyStopping up of London Street, Chertsey. Proposed stopping up being advertised by Department for Transport under reference NATTRAN/SE/S247/4336. Relates to land at number 81.
VariousRunnymede Parking Review 2021Proposed waiting restrictions in Addlestone, Chertsey, Egham, Englefield Green, Virginia Water, Thorpe, Lyne, Ottershaw and Woodham.

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