Minor highway proposals in Epsom and Ewell

List of schemes revealed under questions 3.6 (a to l) on the Con29R local authority search.

EpsomEpsom Pedestrian Improvements.Various pedestrian improvements within Epsom.
EpsomEpsom Cycle Improvements.Various cycle improvements within Epsom.
EpsomEpsom Rear servicingProposed rear servicing for High Street via Town Hall Car Park.
EpsomEpsom High Street Left Turn ban.Investigate possibility of restricting left turn from High Street (west) into Waterloo Road.
EpsomEast Street / Church Road safety improvements.Investigate increasing capacity at junction and providing improved pedestrian crossing facilities.
EwellNew pedestrian/cycle bridge north of West Ewell Train Station.Between Station Approach and Old Schools Lane.
Worcester Park, Stoneleigh and EwellA240 Kingston Road / Ewell Bypass corridor junction improvements.Carry out junction review and remodelling at junctions with Worcester Park Road, Ruxley Lane, Thorndon Gardens, Bradford Drive / Stoneleigh Park Road, Old Kingston Road, London Road, Cheam Road (including Nonsuch Court Avenue) and Reigate Road.
Epsom DownsA240 Reigate Road / College Road safety improvements.Investigate possible review and remodelling of junction.
Ewell / EpsomEwell Bypass cycle links.Investigate cycle links between Cheam Road and London Road, London Road and Kingston Road, and Kiln Lane to Reigate Road.
EwellKingston Road Cycle Links.Investigate cycle links between Kingston Road and Ruxley Lane, and Ruxley Lane to Borough boundary.
EwellA240 Kingston Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate crossing point in vicinity of Aldi store.
EpsomA240 Reigate Road pedestrian crossing.Investigate crossing point near junction with Priest Hill Close
StoneleighA24 London Road improved pedestrian crossing facilities.Investigate in vicinity of Anne Boleyn Court and Briarwood Road.
EpsomSt Joseph's School, Rosebank safety scheme.Investigate safety improvements along Rosebank and Whitehorse Drive.
VariousEpsom Parking Review 2020/21.Proposed parking restrictions in Worcester Park, Ewell, West Ewell, Stoneleigh and Epsom.
EpsomThe Parade pedestrian improvementsInvestigate pedestrian crossing improvements near junction with Ashley Road.
EpsomChurch Street pedestrian safetyInvestigate upgrades to three zebra crossings.
EpsomEpsom Parking Review 2020/21 - Additional sitesProposed parking restrictions in Rosebank and College Road.
EwellScotts Farm Road waiting restrictions.Proposed waiting restrictions at junction of new development known as Dante Way.
Epsom DownsOld London Road prohibition of driving.Advertise new hours of operation for the existing overnight closure between Tattenham Corner Road and Top Car Park Epsom Downs.
Worcester ParkOld Malden Lane pedestrian safety.Investigate possible 20mph, traffic calming, signage and extended footways.

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