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This page outlines in more detail what the role of a Walking Instructor entails and further guidance on how to apply.

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How do I apply?

We are not currently recruiting for new Walking Instructors. However, to find out more about the role and when we might be recruiting again, please contact us at:

What is a Walking Instructor?

We are launching a new Walking Training course across Surrey's primary schools, targeting 7 to 8 year olds (i.e., pupils in Year 3). Our aim is to provide primary school pupils the necessary road safety skills and knowledge through a series of in class and on road training modules.

A Walking Instructor will be able to lead a small group of 7 to 8 year old pupils in the playground and on the road, outside the school gates, to provide them with necessary road safety skills and knowledge. Delivering an informative, robust and entertaining programme of learning that highlights the necessary road safety skills, providing Year 3 pupils with the foundation to feel safe and comfortable as a pedestrian navigating Surrey's roads.

This is a term time position which is flexible but has no guaranteed hours.

What will the Walking Training programme cover?

The course will cover the following topics:

  • The Green Cross Code: stop, look, listen and think
  • Road signs and pedestrian crossings including School Crossing Patrol, puffin, pelican, zebra crossings and islands
  • Recognising safer places to cross
  • Recognising where it is unsafe to cross such as driveways, junctions and bends
  • How to cross between parked cars including knowing what to look and listen for when a car is about to move
  • The benefits of active travel on health, wellbeing, and the environment.

Full training will be provided.

Is full training provided and how long will it last?

Yes, full training will be provided to new Walking Instructors in late April 2022 with the first school courses scheduled for May 2022 onwards. Then on-going support and further training will be provided at various points across the year.

The training will consist of two full days in-person training and will be held at Surrey County Council offices in Woking. Covering everything from:

  • Course content
  • How to lead a group of primary aged pupils
  • First Aid training
  • Safeguarding training
  • How to use the online booking system
  • How to manage expenses and use Surrey CC software

How long does the on-road courses last for?

The on-road course will last around 20 minutes with a further 10 to 15 minutes led in the playground at the beginning of each course. You will likely be providing training to the school for an entire morning or afternoon with the possibility of up to five courses a day. However exact timings will be agreed ahead of each course.

Full guidance and training will be provided before instructors go into schools.

How many children do we take out on each course?

For each course there will be a ratio of no more than four pupils to one instructor. If pupils with additional needs attend the training course a school support staff member will be required to accompany them.

Will I be supported when teaching children with additional needs?

Yes, where necessary additional training will be provided and a school support staff member will be required to accompany the pupil during the course.

After training, do you provide Continuing Professional Development?

Yes, there will be an opportunity for Walking Instructors to attend further training each year.

Which areas will we work in?

The Walking Training Programme is being rolled out across all 11 boroughs and districts in Surrey. So, we will look to place Walking Instructors in schools within a three mile radius of their homes to avoid unnecessary travel. However, where not possible, some instructors may be required to travel further.

Do you provide uniform?

Yes, we will provide all Walking Instructors with branded uniforms, including: polo shirts, fleeces, coats, High Viz tabards, lanyards for ID cards and a bag. Other resources can be requested if required to complete the role.

Who would be an ideal candidate?

We are currently recruiting for several Surrey based Walking Instructors to facilitate this training within schools and we would love to hear from people who want to make a difference for primary school-age pupils, encouraging them to feel more confident to travel actively and sustainably to school, by equipping them with the necessary road safety knowledge and awareness skills.

You will be directly leading the on-road training sessions with small groups of pupils, so will feel confident engaging children of 7 to 8 years old both in the classroom and during the on-road training elements of the course. You will also be confident working on your own, as some courses may not have another Instructor attending with you.

This would be an ideal role for someone that has experience working with children pf primary school age, in either a professional or personal manner. This is a flexible position with no set hours and timings that fit around the school day.

Will my travel expenses be reimbursed?

Yes, all travel expenses within the designated mile radius from your home to the school will be covered as well as any other work-related expenses incurred.

Contact us

To find out more about the role or for an informal chat with the Safer Travel Team please email or call us on the below:

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