Caterham 20 miles per hour speed limit proposals


Tandridge District Council, the Business Improvement District and Surrey County Council are making changes to Caterham which aim to make the area more attractive for people to live and work in, as well as boosting the economy and creating more jobs. As part of the wider improvement plans, we are proposing to introduce a 20 miles per hour (mph) speed limit on a number of roads within the heart of Caterham Valley.

To read more about other improvements being implemented please visit the Caterham and North Tandridge regeneration webpage.

20mph speed limit

We propose to implement a 20mph speed limit on the following roads:

  • Farningham Road
  • Commonwealth Road
  • Mount Pleasant Road
  • Colin Road
  • Croydon Road
  • Highfield Drive
  • Crescent Road
  • Timber Hill Road
  • Station Avenue
  • Church Hill
  • Stafford Road
  • Godstone Road
  • Clareville Road
  • Eothen Close
  • Harestone Hill
  • Harestone Valley Road

Drivers will be alerted to the 20mph speed limit by a combination of signs and road markings.

Introducing a 20mph default speed limit on these roads is intended to:

  • Reduce vehicle speeds on our roads, particularly on those with a record of vehicles exceeding the speed limit
  • Reduce the number and severity of accidents
  • Create environments that make walking and cycling safer and more appealing
  • Lead to an overall improvement in the liveability of neighbourhoods
  • Aid the council's wider aim to improve air quality

Residents will be able to comment on the proposed 20mph limit through the statutory consultation process later this year. Sign up to the project newsletter to be notified when the consultation is live.

Public information event for Croydon Road improvements

A public information event was held on Thursday 2 March. This gave residents an opportunity to see plans and speak to the project team for the Croydon Road scheme and see Surrey County Council proposals for the 20mph speed limit. More information about Croydon Road can be found on the Croydon Road webpage.

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