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Coronavirus: how the outbreak is affecting our roadworks and maintenance

Surrey County Council is changing its roadworks programme to help keep its workers and the public safe during the coronavirus restrictions. More information and updates can be found on our roadworks coronavirus page.

Wider Staines Sustainable Transport Package (STP)

The Wider Staines STP is package of measures that improve sustainable travel options in Stanwell, north Ashford and Staines town centre. The improvements are intended to make it easier and more appealing for people to get around the area on foot, by bicycle and by public transport.

During Spring 2016, we consulted on a number of ideas that we were considering taking forward as part of the project. Your views helped to support our funding application to the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership and enabled us to develop and refine the proposals further.

It was confirmed in 2017 that Surrey County Council has been awarded funding from the Enterprise M3 to allow construct the Wider Staines STP. We are now working with our partners at Spelthorne Borough Council and Heathrow Airport Ltd to deliver this project and ensure that the works complement other local developments.

The project is made of up of improvements to a number of corridors in the area which will be delivered in stages up until 2020. Information on progress to date and upcoming work can be found in our newsletter:

Detail of the proposed improvements are described in more detail below.

  1. A308 London Road
  2. Station Link
  3. Stanwell Moor Road
  4. Park Road
  5. Town Lane and Oaks Road Link
  6. Stanwell walking and bus corridor improvements

1. A308 London Road

The road is a busy route between Staines town centre and the Crooked Billet roundabout which is expected to see a number of new large building developments. The footways are cluttered with street furniture in parts and there are few locations where pedestrians are able to easily cross the road. There is also a safety concern in this area with a number of reported accidents involving both pedestrians and cyclists over the past few years.

The proposed improvements will involve the widening of the northern footway to create a new off road shared-use path for pedestrians and cyclists, allowing a minimum width of 3m where possible. Signalised crossing facilities will also be installed on the route make it easier and safer for people to cross the road.

Highways England are planning to make improvements to the Crooked Billet roundabout [External] safer and easier to use for pedestrians and cyclists and we are working together to make sure the proposals complement each other.

Rosefield Road and Greenlands Road are quiet residential roads that connect Staines rail station to the Crooked Billet roundabout and provides an alternative to using the busier route along the A308.

We plan to install directional signage along the route to make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to find their way to and from the station, town centre and other local destinations.

3. Stanwell Moor Road

The road forms a key part of the route for people travelling between Stanwell, Stanwell Moor and Staines. There is an existing shared-use path, however the surface is in poor condition and the width of the path narrows to under 2m in parts. There are also safety concerns in areas where people cross the road but there is a lack of controlled crossing facilities.

The path will be widened and resurfaced. Toucan crossing facilities will be installed at the junction with Park Road and at the point where the path switches between the east and west sides of the road. The bus stop on the east side of the road will be relocated closer to Park Road junction and a new length of footway will be constructed to make it easier for people access this stop.

4. Park Road

Park Road connects Stanwell with Stanwell Moor. There are currently no-off road facilities for cyclists on the western section of the road and the existing shared-use facilities on the eastern section are sporadic.

The improvements to this route will include creating a new shared-use path at the western end of Park Road to create a continuous off-road route between Stanwell Moor Road and Stanwell Village for pedestrians and cyclists.

5. Town Lane and Oaks Road Link

This corridor through Stanwell stretches from the A30 Bulldog junction at its southern end to Heathrow Airport and its Southern Perimeter Road at its northern end.

The route will be improved by providing a continuous shared-use path along the length of Town Lane. Directional signage will be improved along both Town Lane and Oaks Road to guide users to nearby destinations.

6. Stanwell walking and bus corridor improvements

Existing bus stops across the Stanwell area will be upgraded to improve facilities for users. This includes the installation of new bus shelters, seating and 'real-time passenger information' screens. Accessibility will be improved through the installation of raised kerbs to make it easier for people to get on and off of buses.

A number of walking routes and will be enhanced through improvements to footpaths and bridleways in the area.

We welcome feedback. Please complete our survey and tell us what you think about these works.

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