Staff Travel Plan

Travel SMART for staff and members

We provide a range of travel measures and facilities for all our staff and members to support them in choosing smarter, greener and healthier ways of travelling to and for work. Through this we aim to:

  • Reduce our business travel costs
  • Reduce our carbon impact through cutting the amount we travel, using cars more efficiently and switching to public transport, walking and cycling.

We are continually developing our Travel Plan and regular travel surveys enable us to review progress and highlight what further measures are needed.

Key features

Reducing the need to travel

  • Opportunities to work from home or 'hot desk' at local offices
  • Promotion of smarter working practices, backed by IT facilities to enable greater flexibility
  • Use of conference calling to reduce travel to meetings
  • Accessible travel information to inform travel decisions

Encouraging cycling

  • Promotion of cycling to work through our annual Surrey Cycle Challenge
  • Secure, covered bicycle parking, showers, changing facilities and pool bikes at each of our main offices
  • Interest-free loan scheme to buy bicycles and equipment
  • Cycle to work schemes (savings of up to 42% on a new bicycle)
  • A 20p per mile bicycle mileage allowance for business trips
  • Cycle training for adults

Supporting the use of public transport

  • Interest-free loans for bus and rail season tickets
  • Discounts on rail and bus travel through our membership of the easitNETWORK

Efficient use of cars

  • Promotion of lift sharing through our Surrey Liftshare scheme, lift share parking bays and 5p per mile passenger allowance.
  • Parking management, through permits and time-limited bays to support business travel needs
  • Use of Car Club cars (Co-wheels and Zipcar) as low-emission vehicles for business use
  • Electric vehicle charging point available at County Hall

Membership of local travel networks

We are members of local business travel networks in Kingston and East Surrey

Further information

Further details on all these schemes, including how to apply, are available to staff and members on our internal SCC Info page 'Office facilities and travel'. For advice contact My Helpdesk

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