Consent for bunting over or along the roadside

What is bunting?

Bunting is a street decoration usually consisting of a collection of small flags strung together, most commonly used for street carnivals for decoration.

If you would like to string or place bunting over, along or in the highway, please obtain our consent first.

How do I apply for permission to place bunting within the public highway?

To obtain permission to place bunting within the public highway, please write to us at least six weeks before the date you intend to put the bunting up.

Please write to us via email at the following address:

Please send us the following documents or information as part of your request.

  • Proposed location of bunting
  • Date of installation and date of removal
  • Certified copy of current certificate of public liability insurance for £10 million
  • Description of type of bunting to be used
  • The contact details of the applicant, including telephone number(s), e-mail address and postal address
  • Method statement for installation, maintenance and removal of bunting
  • Copy of written consent from the owner(s) of the fixing points to use them (where applicable)
  • Copy of the current structural adequacy certificate (obtained from owners of the fixing points)

What are the terms and conditions?

Please see our terms and conditions for placing bunting over or near the highway page for the full terms and conditions.

Can a request for bunting be turned down?

There may be circumstances in which we might refuse to give consent. The reasons for refusal will be clearly given, and the applicant has the right to appeal against either the refusal or against the terms and conditions required by the authority.

We also reserve the right to remove the bunting should it become unsafe.

What if I have any queries or concerns?

If you have queries or concerns about bunting, please contact us either online or by telephone .

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