Terms and conditions of building materials on the road

The licensee must have Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of £10 million in respect of any one incident.

  1. All loading and unloading restrictions must be observed.
  2. Gullies and drains immediately adjacent to the kerb must be kept clear at all times.
  3. The licensed materials shall be protected as defined in Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signals Manual 2002. During the hours of darkness, in poor daytime visibility and bad weather, yellow lamps must be placed to indicate the area of the site.
  4. Alternative and safe passage for pedestrians must be maintained at all times.
  5. The deposit of flammable, explosive, putrescible, noxious or offensive matter is not permitted.
  6. Materials must remain within the specified area at all times as per plan provided. Any slippage or spillage should be cleaned.
  7. A licence will be issued for a maximum of 28 days. This may be renewed for a further fee, at least three working days notice should be given.
  8. It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that residents in the immediate vicinity have continuous access to their premises.
  9. The site must be cleared of all detritus (unused materials etc) on expiry of the licence.
  10. The licensee will be responsible for any damage caused to surface covers, underground services, pipes or the like.
  11. The Highway Authority will recover any costs in the event of any damage to the highway.


Wherever possible builder's materials should be placed on private land.

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