Terms and conditions for residents parking permits

This authority has a duty to protect the public funds it administers and may use the information collected in the permit application process to assist in the prevention and detection of fraud. For this purpose, the information may be used within the authority and be shared with law enforcement agencies and other bodies administering public funds.

  1. The applicant's usual place of abode and primary residence must be at the address given in the application.
  2. If the applicant stops living at the property, he/she must return or cancel all permits immediately.
  3. The applicant must cancel or transfer the permit immediately if he/she stops keeping and using the vehicle listed or, if the permit is for a company vehicle, he/she ceases to be employed by the company.
  4. Permits are only issued for passenger vehicles, which must not be constructed to carry more than 8 passengers (excluding the driver), goods vehicles (not exceeding 5 tonnes maximum gross weight) or motorcycles, none of which may be attached to trailers.
  5. Permits are only valid for use on-street, in parking places or areas marked for the use of permit holders, so long as they have not been suspended. They are not valid in any off-street car parks.
  6. Applicants must provide all required documents and failure to do this may result in their application being rejected or if the permit had already been issued the permit may be cancelled.
  7. From time to time the council may request further documentation. The applicant must provide this promptly, and failure to do so may result in the permit being cancelled.
  8. The issuing of a permit does not guarantee a space in the applicant's road or in the catchment area of the scheme for which the permit is issued.
  9. If the applicants address has been designated as 'car capped' through a Section 106 agreement or any other planning condition then they may not be able to obtain a residents parking permit, even if they have been previously issued a parking permit. If a permit is issued and such an agreement comes to light the permit may be cancelled and a penalty charge notice may be issued.
  10. If a payment for a permit is withdrawn or declined, the permit will be cancelled.
  11. Refunds for permits that are no longer required are made on a pro rata basis for each full month remaining.
  12. Permits are issued entirely at the council's discretion and may be cancelled or suspended from use if the council sees fit to do so.

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