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National Bus Strategy - Notice of Intent to Prepare an Enhanced Partnership Plan and Schemes

29 June 2021

At a meeting on 29 June 2021, Surrey County Council gave approval to proceed with the development of an Enhanced Partnership with bus operators and other stakeholders. The commencement of this process is confirmed through this Notice of Intention to prepare an Enhanced Partnership Plan and accompanying Enhanced Partnership Schemes as required and set out in section 138F of the Transport Act 2000.

Surrey Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme

Following feedback from the Department for Transport we are now in a position to start our statutory consultation on our revised draft of the Surrey Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme (PDF)

This statutory consultation includes:

  • all 11 borough and district councils;
  • neighbouring authorities;
  • Transport Focus;
  • bus user groups;
  • the Traffic Commissioner;
  • the Chief Constable for Surrey; and
  • the Competition and Markets Authority.

The statutory consultation will run until Wednesday 23 August 2022. The feedback on the Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme will then form part of a report to the County Council's Cabinet in September 2022 where Cabinet will be asked to formally agree to enter the partnership. If that is agreed the Enhanced Partnership will start from 1 October 2022.

Bus Service Improvement Plan for Surrey

As required by the National Bus Strategy, the county council and Surrey bus operators, have developed the Bus Service Improvement Plan for the county. The plan outlines what we want to achieve through a Surrey Enhanced Partnership between the county council and the bus operators to improve services in the county, with the ultimate aim of increasing bus use. The plan has been submitted the Department for Transport for their consideration and funding allocation.

We are aware that the plan and associated appendices are not fully accessible and we are currently working to address this.

Types of bus service

Certain bus services are run commercially by bus operators without financial support from local or national government. We have no powers to influence the routing, timetables, frequencies or day to day operational quality of these services.

Current national legislation places a duty on us to plan and administer bus services which cannot be run at a profit by bus operators. However, there is local discretion as to the level of service provided and this must be achieved within the funding available. These services are provided under contract to us by various bus operators. We do not run services ourselves, own the buses or employ the drivers. Services therefore must be sustainable, benefit as many people as possible and offer reasonable value for money for the public purse, when the cost of providing them is equated with patronage they actually receive.

Our expenditure on bus service support is currently in excess of £8m each year. There are approximately 220 bus services in the county, of which approximately 185 receive a degree of financial support from us. Without this support, many towns, villages and schools would have no bus service. Contracted or supported services are generally identified as such on the individual service timetables.

London buses services

In the northern part of Surrey, there are several cross-boundary services running from/to parts of Greater London which are provided by London Buses on behalf of Transport for London. We are not responsible for the operation of these but we do contribute significantly to the cost of running some of them.

Patronage of bus services

In a normal year before the pandemic, the number of Passenger Journeys made in Surrey is more than 27 million, of which 8 million are on services which we financially support.

Extra bus services provided with the Government's Better Deal for Buses Funding

The Government has allocated £671,945 Better Deal For Buses funding to Surrey County Council to pay for additional bus services. To date, £528,000 has been pledged by the council over two years to provide and support:

  • From July 2021: Extra journeys on Sundays on Southdown 410 and new Sunday services on Southdown 409 and 424
  • From September 2021: New weekday evening and Sunday services on Metrobus E9 and E10; new weekday evening services on Diamond Bus 458 and Stagecoach 715; increased Sunday service on Stagecoach 71 with new Sunday service on Stagecoach 70 (Haslemere-Midhurst) in partnership with West Sussex County Council; new Carlone Buses service 455 on Mondays to Fridays from Addlestone to Woking and Merrist Wood College".

Bus fares

We have no control over fares charged on commercial services or those operated by London Buses. On most contracted services, fares are set by the operator at a level they feel is commercially-justifiable. Fares have to be within a maximum fare scale depending on the length of journey, as laid down by us. The issue and acceptance of multi-journey or multi-operator tickets is at the discretion of the operator. In the case of most of our contracted services, the bus operator retains the fare money collected.

Types of bus stop

In Surrey, there is no longer a distinction between a "compulsory" bus stop and a "request" bus stop. This also includes stops in Surrey and adjoining areas of Greater London where the signage is owned by Transport for London.

  • At all stops, intending passengers should clearly hail the driver, to advise that they require his/her bus.
  • When getting off the bus, passengers should ring the bell once in advance of their required alighting point.

The Council and Transport for London have advised all bus operators that their drivers should always pull into a stop if they see any passenger waiting there, even if no hand signal has been seen; a passenger may be visually-impaired.

Low-floor accessible vehicles

In general, local bus services are operated with low-floor fully-accessible buses, making travel easier for people in wheelchairs, those with approved mobility scooters, those with buggies, people with mobility impairments and those carrying heavy shopping.

The only exception to this is a very small number of infrequent services which are operated by small vehicles, for which advance contact should be made with the operator before travelling with a wheelchair, to allow arrangements to be made. These are identified as "not fully-accessible" in the list of services shown under the area timetable pages on this website. However, some small non-low floor buses may have wheelchair loading facilities by means of a lift. These services are identified as "wheelchair-accessible vehicle", for which advance contact should not be necessary prior to travel.

Surrey County Council itself does not operate any services and cannot accept liability for difficulties or inconvenience caused by vehicle accessibility.

Helping Hand Scheme

The Helping Hand Scheme is designed to give customers a helping hand when using bus services; a simple way to help drivers help you.

The credit card sized information card holds a brief written instruction for the driver that can be shown upon boarding the bus. The driver is made aware of the customer's needs or requirements quickly, directly and discreetly without the customer having to verbally communicate it.

The scheme can be very helpful for hidden disabilities and many customers are now using the card off the bus; in taxis, shops and leisure establishments like the cinema.

The Helping Hand Scheme is administered by Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus in partnership with: Southdown PSV, Compass Travel, Stagecoach, Big Lemon, Dementia Friendly Crawley, West Sussex County Council, Surrey County Council, East Sussex County Council, Brighton & Hove City Council, Streamline Taxis and City Cabs Brighton.

Local bus tender results

Each year the County Council publishes the results of Local Bus contracts that were put out to tender or changed the previous year.

Below you will find a list of the most recent tender results.

COVID-19 Government Support: Bus Service Support Grant (CBSSG)

During the pandemic, one of the ways the government provided financial assistance to the bus sector was through the COVID-19 Bus Service Support Grant (CBSSG), allowing the services to operate with reduced patronage and supporting social distancing, and helping recovery as the restrictions were lifted.

Surrey Country Council applied for and distributed £3,890,720 in CBSSG grants between 17 March 2020 and 31 August 2021.

The CBSSG allocation, services supported and estimated kilometres of journeys supported are listed below:

  • Arriva: Services 479, 18, 34, 47, 91. Estimated kilometres 2,236,000. CBSSG allocation £334,048.
  • Carlone: Services 442, 52, 53. Estimated kilometres 631,000. CBSSG allocation £52,982.
  • Compass: Services 23/24/25, 32, 42, 26. Estimated kilometres 837,000. CBSSG allocation £242,959.
  • Falcon: Services 28, 73, 408, 456, 514/515, 564, E5, E16. Estimated kilometres 1,107,000. CBSSG allocation £475,453.
  • Hallmark: Services 458, 461 (evenings/Sundays), 555, 557. Estimated kilometres 1,472,000. CBSSG allocation £592,859.
  • London United: Services 400. Estimated kilometres 23,000. CBSSG allocation £2,221
  • Metrobus: Services 420, 460, 480, E9, E10, 21, 22, 93, 318, 430/435, 100, 20. Estimated kilometres 1,560,000. CBSSG allocation £975,060.
  • Quality Line: Services 408, E5, E9, E10, E16 – estimated kilometres 55,000 - £11,548.
  • Reptons: Services 478/678, 513, 570, 571, 572, 574. Estimated kilometres 137,000. CBSSG allocation £15,207.
  • Safeguard: Service 4. Estimated kilometres not collected. CBSSG allocation £6,408.
  • Southdown: Services 236, 409, 424, 594/595, 410. Estimated kilometres 942,000. CBSSG allocation £395,502.
  • Stagecoach: Services 3 (Sunday), 11, 16, 32 (Sunday), 39A/B/C, 40, 46, 81, 479 (Sunday), 503, 523, 715, 5/Kite, 19, 70/71. Estimated kilometres 1,630,000. CBSSG allocation £567,105.
  • White Bus: Services 437, 438, 446 (Sunday), 462/463, 500, 566/7. Estimated kilometres 438,000. CBSSG allocation £189,665.
  • Other Services: Tandridge Buses4u, Farnham Hoppa, 504/505. Estimated kilometres not collected. CBSSG allocation £29,703.

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