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Surrey Community Safety Team

Led by Jane Last, Head of Community Partnership and Safety, the Community Safety Team forms part of the Community Partnership and Safety Service within the Customers and Communities Directorate, and consist of three staff:

  • Gordon Falconer, Community Safety Manager
  • Louise Gibbins, Community Safety Officer
  • Richard Carpenter, Community Safety Officer

The team leads on delivering policy, strategy and implementation support to Surrey County Council officers and multi-agency partners in the field of Community Safety, working to the priorities and strategic guidance of the Community Safety Board, and driven by Government legislation.

The team work closely with partners. Utilising the particular skills of the various agencies around the table, our skills focus around driving and leading change by developing policy guidance, providing data and evidence, leading on strategy development and implementation for frontline teams. The team work on key agendas such as Anti Social Behaviour, Prevent, Serious Organised Crime and Domestic Abuse.