Surrey Civilian Military Partnership Board

To support the aims of the Surrey Armed Forces Covenant, the 'Surrey Civilian Military Partnership Board' (SCMPB) fosters closer working relationships with the armed forces. The SCMPB board is made up of lead agencies and military partners and meets twice a year. Led by the Chairman of Surrey County Council, the board considers key issues affecting the armed forces community across the county.

Two task groups have been created to support the work of the Board, the 'Recognise and Remember' and the 'Community Integration' task groups. These task groups report to the SCMPB.

Recognise and Remember task group

The Recognise and Remember task group supports the commemoration of the endeavours of current service personnel as well as those who have served in the past. The group celebrates the role played by the Armed Forces Freedom marches, Armed Forces Day and Remembrance Day and encourages recognition and remembrance of the unique sacrifices made by the Armed Forces personnel in defence of society. The group also supports civic events that allow the community to recognise the armed forces including commemoration of First World War events over the next four years.

Community Integration task group

The role of the task group is to support and advocate on behalf of the Armed Forces community (serving personnel, their families, veterans and cadets) in establishing strong links with the county's agencies and partners. This will help veterans, service and new ex-service personnel and their respective families to feel supported in Surrey, whether they have chosen the County as a place to live or work, or have been re-based here.

We aim to enable a smooth integration to the local community by providing and signposting to relevant information as well enabling access to services. Specifically this will include:

  • Developing an improved understanding of the health and social needs of veteran, service personnel and their respective families, and ensuring access to relevant services including housing, medical, dental and mental health support through improved links with the relevant providers.
  • Promoting and understanding the educational needs of service children – from pre-school to further education.
  • Promoting the recruitment of reservists alongside the benefits to local businesses of employing reservists.
  • Enabling local employment opportunities for veterans, spouses and service leavers.

The group has representation from a wide range of groups, including: 11 Infantry Brigade, health, housing, education, employment, welfare and local authorities.

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