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Veterans' Hubs project

What is a Veterans' Hub?

Veterans' Hubs are a relaxed place for veterans to drop in and share a cup of tea and the company of others who have served. They also provide a way to gain advice, support and services under one roof. This means a minimum of two services or charities available at least once a month.

About the Forces Connect Veterans Hubs Project.

The aim of the project is to help strengthen and extend the provision of these invaluable centres, thereby increasing the local support available for veterans across the south east. Simple Solutions has been appointed by Forces Connect South East (FCSE) to head up this MoD Covenant Funded project.

What is being done?

Initial local research revealed that 71% of veterans felt it was likely that they would at some point feel the need for the kind of support offered by a Veterans Hub, yet 62% of those asked were not aware of their local hub (Nield and Nield 2018). Work is therefore continuing to provide support to enhance existing drop-in centres and set up new ones in areas where they are found to be needed .

How can I find out more?

Further details can be found on the Simple Solutions website. Information about dates for drop in centres in Surrey can be found on the on the Surrey Armed Forces Calendar.