Surrey Minerals Plan - Minerals Site Restoration

Guidance on restoring and enhancing mineral sites is contained in our Surrey Minerals Plan Minerals Site Restoration Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which replaces the 'Good practice guide for mineral site restoration and enhancement'. This SPD aims to secure the highest standards of achievement when restoring and enhancing mineral sites in Surrey. We wish to ensure this takes place at the earliest opportunity and that restoration will enhance the site and conserve important local landscape characteristics.

The SPD promotes a restoration led approach, where the restoration of the site is integrated into the management of the whole extraction process and phasing. It encourages restoration schemes appropriate to the character of different parts of the county.

The SPD is split into several sections:

  • Chapters 1-4 sets out the purpose of the SPD, explains the Surrey approach to restoration and enhancement, discusses the issue of inert fill and void space and sets out the preferred areas for mineral extraction identified in the Surrey Minerals Plan.
  • Indicative restoration schemes are shown in the two separate documents for preferred areas of mineral extraction A-H and J to S. These are intended as a starting point for further discussion when planning applications are prepared.
  • Chapter 5-8 consider good restoration practice and enhancement, including how to develop a restoration vision. They also outline the planning application and the restoration information the County Planning Authority will require, as well as the post-planning permission phases of a scheme..

A series of appendices provide examples and advice to support these sections of the SPD and to assist those involved in making or advising on mineral restoration proposals in Surrey.

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