Surrey Future Steering Board

Surrey Future was set up in March 2012 by the Surrey Leaders group. The aim was to promote joint working between the 12 local authorities and business community to agree the investment priorities and establish a list of long-term infrastructure priorities to support the county's economy and manage planned growth sustainably over the next few decades both within Surrey and cross-border.

Early work focused on progressing strategic transport infrastructure priorities and developing a Surrey Infrastructure Study. From 2018 to 2021 the Board produced and reviewed the Surrey Place Ambition, held a Place Ambition conference, and was closely involved with the development of the Surrey Infrastructure Plan.

In 2022 the Surrey Infrastructure Steering Group (SISG) replaced the Surrey Future Steering Board. The SISG brings together key players who can contribute to and play an active role in co-ordinating their work to promote, drive and unblock barriers to the provision of infrastructure that supports good growth.

The overall focus and objectives for the SISG are to:

  • Align infrastructure and investment priorities and spatial planning interests.
  • Provide a focus on delivery and clear outputs/outcomes through a collective effort in tackling key challenges.
  • Ensure the Surrey voice is heard.

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