Information sharing protocols (MAISP tier 3)

Multi Agency Information Sharing Protocol (MAISP) Tier 3 protocols are individual bespoke information sharing agreements between organisations, normally data Controllers and Processors, that may include business confidential elements or other sensitive data. In general, they will be part of a wider contract between the organisations and will be written to include specific requirements.

Access to the detailed content of individual MAISP Tier 3 protocols will be through the authors of those protocols. It is still a good idea to publish the title, signatories and purpose of a Tier 3 protocol on the Surrey County Council MAISP webpages to help with transparency and accountability obligations. Please contact the Surrey MAISP Action Group at for further information.

Current Tier 3 protocols include:

Review: Individual authors of MAISP Tier 3 protocols are responsible for reviewing and updating them.

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