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Community Protection, Transport and Environment

Executive Director - Gillian Steward

Highways, Transport and Environment's purpose is to enable safe, reliable journeys and sustainable, prosperous places now and in the future. This is delivered through our Highways, Transport and Environment services. The Directorate is also responsible for Fire and Rescue as well as the delivery of the superfast broadband programme.

Our services:


Head of service – Lucy Monie

  • Network and Asset Management Group - leads on the development and maintenance of plans for all assets managed by Environment and Infrastructure Directorate, including flood management and structures.
  • Local Highways Services Group - responsible for highway, tree and structures inspections, maintenance work, managing highways defects, customer services and day-to-day highway matters such as licensing, enforcement and on-site inspections, highways information, parking strategy and implementation.
  • Works Delivery Group - leads on the design and management of major highways programmes such as surface dressing, structures, drainage, integrated transport schemes. Overall management for highways contracts including the street lighting contract.
  • Directorate Programme Group - Leads, manages and supports major change, strategic and cross cutting projects and programmes.
  • Travel and Transport Group - leads on road safety and safety engineering, passenger transport, road network management information.

Please see the following webpages for more information:


Interim Head of service – Alan Bowley

  • Place and Sustainability Group - driving the implementation of the Surrey Climate Change Strategy to achieve carbon savings in the Council and across the county and to ensure resilience against climate change.
  • Countryside Group - leads on improving the landscape, biodiversity and access to countryside and open spaces.
  • Planning and Development Group - carries out the planning regulatory function for SCC, both as planning authority for minerals, waste and county related development, as well as consultee on highway and heritage matters to Surrey's planning authorities on all forms of development.
  • Waste Operations Group – responsible for managing the minimisation, recycling and disposal of waste.
  • Joint Waste Solutions– Partnership working with the districts and boroughs is at the core of service delivery. This is because of the complex interdependencies between the districts & boroughs who are responsible for the collection of household waste and Surrey CC's responsibility to then dispose of it. This group works with the district and boroughs to ensure this two tier management system is effective and efficient.

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The Executive Director for Highways, Transport and Environment is also is responsible for the following essential services that each have their own priorities:

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service

Head of Community Protection and Emergencies - Chief Fire Officer Steve Owen-Hughes

  • Prevention team – focuses on educating the most vulnerable residents to help prevent fires and road accidents.
  • Protection team – delivers advice in the workplace and provide information on fire safety, arson prevention, false alarms and sprinklers and regulate businesses' adherence to national legislation.
  • Response – crews based at stations across Surrey provide 24 hour assistance at a range of emergency incidents including fires, road accidents, flooding and other water rescue incidents and emergencies that may involve hazardous or radioactive materials.
  • Intelligence and Mobilising Unit – Mobilising provides 24 hour response to 999 calls and sends the appropriate people and equipment to respond. Intelligence leads, manages and supports major change, strategic and cross cutting projects and programmes. The Unit ensures that decisions are taken in an informed way with the latest data and statistics available, assisting the service in targeting its activity strategically, monitoring delivery and performance.
  • Operational Support – Supports our staff and maintains our fleet, ensuring that appropriate training is carried out and our logistical arrangements support the frontline crews. Operational Support deliver occupational health services to our staff and makes sure the service adheres to health and safety requirements.
  • Emergency Services Collaborative Partnership – emergency services across Surrey and Sussex are working together to improve delivery, reduce cost, increase resilience and remove overlaps between services. Surrey firefighters now provide assistance to other emergency services with defibrillator usage, missing person location, assisted entry and, if firefighters are first to attend an incident, immediate emergency care.
  • Emergency Management - Works to ensure that if a major Incident occurs in the county, the people of Surrey are protected and essential services are restored as quickly as possible. This includes;
    • arranging emergency accommodation should members of the public be evacuated from their homes
    • assisting with the running of emergency assistance centres which would be set up in the aftermath of a major emergency
    • providing emergency transport to move members of the public from the scene of an emergency to a safe location
    • coordinating services that the County Council provides that are required as part of the emergency response, such as social care and highways services

Please see the following webpages for more information:

Trading Standards

Head of Service - Steve Ruddy

The Trading Standards service exists to:

  • protect individuals, communities and businesses from harm and financial loss
  • help business to thrive by maintaining a Fair Trading environment
  • improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities
  • fulfil the our statutory responsibilities to deliver consumer and public protection services across Buckinghamshire and Surrey.

Please see our webpage Trading Standards for more information.