Environment, Infrastructure and Growth

Executive Director – Katie Stewart

Environment, Infrastructure and Growth's purpose is to enable sustainable, prosperous places and safe, reliable connectivity now and in the future. This is delivered through the following groups of services:

  • Highways and transport
  • Environment.
  • Infrastructure, planning and major projects


Head of Service – Carolyn McKenzie

The Environment Service is focused on providing safe, sustainable and prosperous places now and in the future.

  • Resources and Circular Economy Group – Ensures the sustainable management of waste across Surrey. The Group manages the contract with Suez for the recycling and treatment of Surrey's household waste collected at the kerbside and community recycling centres. This includes the operation of community recycling centres, waste transfer stations and the Eco Park waste treatment facility. It is also responsible for managing the environmental performance of closed landfill sites where we have ongoing liabilities or interests.
  • Greener Futures Group – Supports the delivery of Surrey's ambition to become a net zero carbon council by 2030 and a net zero carbon county by 2050. The Group consists of the following teams who are responsible for ensuring that the Environment priorities (carbon reduction, air quality, countryside) are aligned with the Community 2030 Vision, Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
    • Climate Change
    • Strategic Energy
    • Surrey Hills AONB
    • Volunteering and Communities
    • Natural Environment
  • Natural Capital Group – Focuses on improving the natural environment within Surrey and maximises the value of this resource to support both health and environmental outcomes. The natural capital assets are supported by teams that cover the Countryside Access, SCC's Countryside Estate, the Basingstoke Canal, Visitor Services, Countryside Partnerships and Arboriculture.
  • Flood and Climate Resilience Group – As Lead Local Flood Authority, we produce and deliver the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for Surrey; including flood risk management schemes, customer flood enquires, and flood mapping and reporting. The Group consists of three teams: Flood Risk Infrastructure & Programming, Flood Risk Planning & Consenting and Flood Risk Management Strategy & Partnerships. The Group provides guidance on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and Natural Flood Management, consent works on minor watercourses, and are also the statutory consultee for surface water for all major planning applications. The Group also leads on Climate Change adaptation and resilience.

Highways and Transport

Head of Service – Lucy Monie

  • The role of the Network and Asset Management Group's is to develop and deliver asset management, manage highway networks and set local policies. The group works jointly with a range of partner organisations to identify and deliver planned maintenance improvements.
  • Highways Operations and Infrastructure Group is a front-line service that the majority of our customers come into contact with. It is responsible for being the lead highway experts at the eleven Local Committees and for driving forward Members' local priorities and ambitions.
  • The Strategic Transport Group's role is to set and implement a wide range of transport policies and strategies. We also deliver a wide array of improvement schemes and programmes across a diverse range of transport areas, many in partnership with partners.
  • The Strategic Contract Management Group provides strategic oversight of the contracts and ensures that they successfully evolve to deliver the future ambitions for the Service.

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Infrastructure, Planning and Major Projects

Head of Service – Lee Parker

  • Infrastructure and Major Projects Group – lead the design and implementation of the capital major projects being delivered across the Environment, Transport and Infrastructure Directorate, including multi-million-pound highways, environmental and waste schemes. The team provide project management expertise overseeing project delivery from the initial feasibility design phases, through to stakeholder consultation and implementation stages of major projects.
  • Planning and Development Group - carries out the planning regulatory function for SCC, both as planning authority for minerals, waste and county related development, as well as consultee on highway and heritage matters to Surrey's planning authorities on all forms of development.
  • Placemaking Group – co-ordinates and delivers cohesive place-led schemes to create high quality public realm in our local towns for residents and visitors to enjoy, while supporting local economic growth.