Our commitment to you when dealing with your social care complaint


We will always try to deal with your comment or complaint in the strictest confidence. There may, however, be times when we have to share information. If this happens, we will discuss this with you beforehand.


You can ask for your complaint to remain anonymous and we will respect that. You may not feel comfortable making your complaint directly to the person who provides the services to you or to their manager. In this case, please contact our Children's Rights Team if you want to make a complaint about Children's Services or the Adult Social Care Customer Relations if your complaint is about Adult Services.


Making a complaint does not mean that you will receive less help or that anyone will make things difficult for you. Our aim is to stop discrimination and make sure everyone has equal access to our services. Therefore, we aim to treat everyone fairly and equally regardless of age, disability, race, culture, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

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