Enter the 2024 Stars in Surrey Awards

Who can enter

  • Nominated people or organisations must have had a positive impact on people living and working in Surrey
  • Current or former Surrey councillors cannot be nominated
  • The nominees should not have any disciplinary actions within the last 12 months
  • Employees can nominate themselves as well as their peers.

What the judges are looking for

  • All nominations will be judged based on how the person, organisation or project has:
  • Improved the local community or made a difference at the council
  • Embodied our values outlined in The Surrey Way
  • Positively affected people living and working in Surrey
  • Inspired others to undertake positive action

Enter now

Top tips for writing a Stars in Surrey award-winning entry

Writing award entries doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming but it does take focus and planning. Here are a few tips for making the whole entry writing process as painless and effective as possible:

Read the criteria, then read it again

It's important to read the criteria carefully to make sure you cover all of the essentials. Your nomination might be fantastic, but if you don't meet the criteria our judges won't be able to shortlist you.

Tell a story and make it a good one

Tell a clear and concise story to catch the judges' attention and be sure to engage judges with the human or emotional angle where possible.

Don't forget to include your evidence

Please support your nomination with any evidence you can – whether that's analytics and stats, feedback, or visual evidence such as videos or webpages. Use specific examples and data where possible to quantify the impact of your work.

Showcase the nominees unique selling points

Identify what sets them apart from other candidates and emphasise these unique selling points. Demonstrate how their work or contributions have made a difference. Positive feedback from others can reinforce the value of your achievements.

Focus on the Award's Values

Align your application with the values and mission of the award. Show how the nominees work aligns with the award.

Remember, the goal is not only to showcase the nominees accomplishments but also to demonstrate how those accomplishments align with the award's purpose and values. By presenting a well-crafted, evidence-based application that effectively tells the nominees story, you can significantly increase the chances of receiving the recognition your nominee deserves.

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