Support and advice for asylum seekers

In the UK, asylum seekers can access a range of support services designed to assist them throughout the asylum process and help them integrate into society. These services are provided by the UK government, county and local councils, and charities, offering various forms of assistance including housing, financial support, healthcare, and legal advice.

Government support

The UK government offers several support options for asylum seekers. This includes the provision of housing and a small living allowance while asylum claims are being processed. Children of asylum seekers have access to free state schooling, and health care services are provided by the National Health Service (NHS). If an asylum claim is refused, limited short-term support may still be available as the individual prepares to leave the UK. For detailed guidance on what support is available and eligibility, you can visit the official UK government asylum support page.

Migrant Help

Migrant Help UK website.

Migrant Help is a key organisation providing assistance to asylum seekers.

  • Free telephone helpline: 0808 8010 503 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it provides free support on various issues including housing, financial support, and legal representation.
  • Migrant Help webchat service is open 24 hours a day.
  • Please see the Migrant Help contact page for more contact options.

Refugee Council

Refugee Council website

The Refugee Council is another significant body offering comprehensive support to asylum seekers. Their services include help with integration into the UK, such as assistance finding employment and accessing mental health services. They champion refugee rights and provide crisis support to newly recognized refugees.

British Red Cross

British Red Cross website

The British Red Cross provides practical help for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, including essentials like food, toiletries, and small amounts of cash. They also offer specialized services for young refugees and asylum seekers and provide support for family reunion processes.

Contact information and further assistance

These organizations play a crucial role in supporting asylum seekers in the UK, providing necessary guidance and resources to navigate the complex asylum process and adjust to life in the UK.

Local help

For more information about the support available in Surrey, please see our page: Charities and organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Surrey.

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