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Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects is for larger capital projects in excess of £10k that will provide wide community benefit. Due to the size of the funding awarded, Large Community Projects are subject to a staged application process. For more information and how to apply visit Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects fund.

Examples of the types of projects it can be used for include:

  • New community centres
  • Local swimming pools
  • Sports pavilions or clubhouses
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • New football pitches
  • Community food growing space

To view the projects that have been funded or live projects open for comment, visit have your say Your Fund Surrey.

Old Woking Community Centre Sustainable Regeneration Project

Your Fund Surrey has granted £1 million of the total cost (£1.850 million has been raised from other sources). They are partnering with Woking College to ensure the building is used to its full potential. Woking College will use some of the spaces during the day in term time and the spaces will be available for community use outside of college hours. This will ensure local young people can attend a Sixth Form College without travelling outside the borough, whilst providing better facilities for the community. The project will provide café spaces for community and college use, two lifts to allow for disability access, an extension and a full refurbishment of the original building. Electrical, heating and drainage services will be replaced with new sustainable and eco-friendly options. The cost of our project is £2.850 million.

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