Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects Waverley

Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects is for larger capital projects in excess of £10k that will provide wide community benefit. Due to the size of the funding awarded, Large Community Projects are subject to a staged application process. For more information and how to apply visit Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects fund.

Examples of the types of projects it can be used for include:

  • New community centres
  • Local swimming pools
  • Sports pavilions or clubhouses
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • New football pitches
  • Community food growing space

To view the projects that have been funded or live projects open for comment, visit have your say Your Fund Surrey.

Thursley Road Recreation Ground borehole and irrigation system

Your Fund Surrey have granted £16,740 towards an automatic irrigation system for the recreation ground. The borehole project has been designed to deal with the issues of poor moisture retaining capacity and costly use of water mains supply to keep the pitches in good working order. It has been initiated jointly by Elstead Parish Council and by the Elstead Recreational Trust who have both made financial contributions. It has also been supported financially by the Elstead Cricket Club, Elstead Football Club, Elstead Sharks, Elstead Sports Bar, the Billmeir Trust, Burns and Webber Estate Agents, together with a further £5,000 raised from individual local contributions.

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