Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects Guildford

Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects is for larger capital projects in excess of £10,000 that will provide wide community benefit. Due to the size of the funding awarded, Large Community Projects are subject to a staged application process. For more information and how to apply visit Your Fund Surrey Large Community Projects fund.

Examples of the types of projects it can be used for include:

  • New community centres
  • Local swimming pools
  • Sports pavilions or clubhouses
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • New football pitches
  • Community food growing space

To view the projects that have been funded or live projects open for comment, visit have your say Your Fund Surrey.

Normandy Community Shop and Café

Your Fund Surrey has awarded £518,354 towards the new community building. The community wanted to build a community shop and café, this is because the nearest shop and café are a drive away. The design of the building will aim to take advantage of energy saving measures such as solar panels, insulation and heat recovery. Being community owned, all profits go back into ensuring the ongoing viability of the business, with any surplus profits being used for other community projects within the village. Visit Normandy Community Shop and Café for more information.

Pirbright Community Amateur Sports Pavilion

Your Fund Surrey has awarded £300,000 for the sports pavilion. This will be a community-wide project that enables equal access to physical exercise, team sport and recreation for all ages, genders and abilities, that will develop new youth, mixed ability and veterans' programs, whilst bringing competitive sport back to Pirbright. Whilst initially based around football and cricket, the program has already developed softball and wider sports and recreational activity. The project promotes wider participation and new community activities locally. Visit Pirbright Community Amateur Sports Pavilion for more information.

Ripley Village Hall

Your Fund Surrey has awarded £518,354 for the hall. The project is to build a new Ripley Village Hall, replacing the dilapidated temporary hall built in the 1970s. The new hall will incorporate the latest technological developments in terms of thermal insulation and air source heat pumps, which will substantially reduce operating costs and be beneficial to the environment. The total cost is £1.9 million. The trustees have secured £800,000 funding so far, and a further £600,000 is due from Guildford Borough Council.

Challengers - Surrey Hills Inspired Inclusive Playground

Your Fund Surrey has awarded £99,000 for the inclusive playground. The playground will feature specialist equipment to facilitate children with differing needs, including a wheelchair-accessible carousel and multiple seating options for swings, and play equipment is chosen specifically to help develop children's fine and gross motor skills. Every detail has been designed with purpose, following extensive observations of how children play at Challengers and the equipment they use. When not in use at Challengers, we'll be opening our new playground to the general public for local families to enjoy together. It's an exciting opportunity for us to build a space bringing disabled and non-disabled children together, where they can make friends and learn from each other, without limitations.

Play Your Part: Revitalise and Transform the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Your Fund Surrey awarded £2,988,000 for their project. The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre plan to reinvent their building to better service local residents by adding a fit-for-purpose community space, environmental measures to make it more sustainable, and adding a disabled lift so that all 3 floors of the facility will be available to all. To find out more about the organisation, please visit Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.

Shepherd's Rest Café

Your Fund Surrey awarded £27,065 for their project. The Church of the Good Shepherd are expanding their kitchen so that their community cafe can service even more users. They are planning on hosting more social events and hospitality as well as creating an educational hub. They will also install n accessible toilet so that the building can accommodate anyone.

Puttenham Community Transport Hub

Your Fund Surrey awarded £174,658 for their project. Puttenham Parish Council have been awarded funding in order to renovate a disused area of land on the Jubilee field. It will be transformed into an environmentally-friendly transport hub that can provide access to the village amenities such; the adventure playground, outdoor gym, tennis club, skatepark and football pitch.

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