Small Community Projects Epsom and Ewell

Your Fund Surrey Small Community Projects Fund is available for projects worth between £1,000 and £50,000 to support capital community projects. Each Surrey county councillor has been given £100,000 Small Community Project funding to allocate in their local areas and they can decide which projects that £100,000 is spent on. For more information and how to apply visit Your Fund Surrey Small Community Projects fund.

Examples of the types of projects it can be used for include:

  • New kitchen items for a community hall
  • New flooring or pathways for a community asset
  • New chairs or tables for a village hall, or green space
  • Solar panels
  • General refurbishment of an existing building

Funded projects

Online applications for funding are now open, please see our how to apply for Small Community Projects funding web page for more details.

The Your Fund Surrey Small Community Projects Fund spending of each Surrey county councillors in Epsom and Ewell. These figures will be updated monthly and are correct as of 30 April 2024.

Please note that these webpages only display the funding that has been awarded. Councillors may have promised more funding to residents than is shown on this page.

Your county councillors

John Beckett

OrganisationProject DescriptionFunding
Guides Association Epsom DivisionLittle Acres Campsite improved disabled access£2,500

Balance remaining: £97,500

Eber Kington

OrganisationProject descriptionFunding
1st Cuddington (Warspite) Sea ScoutsSquirrel Scout section£1,826
Guide Association Epsom DivisionLittle Acres Campsite improved disabled access£20,000

Balance remaining: £78,174

Jan Mason

No projects has been funded yet. Contact your County Councillor if you have a project idea you would like funding for.

Balance remaining: £100,000

Steven McCormick

OrganisationProject descriptionFunding
Epsom Methodist Church (EMC)EMC solar panels£31,222

Balance remaining: £68,778

Bernie Muir

OrganisationProject descriptionFunding
The Epsom Wells Community AssociationCommunity centre reopening£24,999

Balance remaining: £75,001

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